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PS4 AOR PS4 Endurance League S4 - Driver Placement

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Sep 11, 2016

AOR PS4 Endurance League Season 4
Driver Placement
Hello fellow members of AOR :)

We have done our best to place everyone in the best tier to enable competitive racing. We have double and triple checked everything and are confident in the result. If we have overlooked you, among the hundreds of posts, please accept our apologies and reach out to us.
A note for the drivers who are being placed as reserves, don't worry, you will still get plenty of racing. There's holidays coming and some players already told us they can't make all races. If you are placed as a reserve, this will not mean that you just pick your own races. You still need to be there as there is always a high chance that a main driver will have a last minute call where he can't make the race. Unfortunately this happens.

If you feel you have been misplaced, please discuss this calmly with a coordinator rather than shouting in the forum.

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