PS4 - AOR PS4 Endurance League Season 5 - Evaluation Race 2 - 31 January 2020 |

PS4 AOR PS4 Endurance League Season 5 - Evaluation Race 2 - 31 January 2020


Junior Karter
Jan 18, 2020
I’m so sorry for missing the race, I just realized it was yesterday. I really thought it was today but because of our confusing timezones I failed to realize that “Friday night races” for you guys are really really late night Thursday races for me or to be specific “Mega early 1:00 A.M. Friday races“. I feel real sad because I was really looking forward to the season. But my schedule just wouldn’t work out anyway. Sorry again.
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GP2 Reserve Driver
Mar 27, 2019
Such a shame. You were having a good race mate
You n slick were in a Diffent league yesterday I had an hours practice and it showed tbh the top 5-6 drivers were on the ball I felt I had the speed for a poduim but even without the power cut I was making too meny mistakes to warrant a top 3 finish.. Decided not to take fresh tyers last pit stop came out 5-10 seconds in front on the Lads battling away.. I enjoyed it till the power went out. Thanks again for letting me race looks like you lads are going to have some real fights this season


Formula 3 1st Driver
Jul 1, 2014
Annoyed that I disconnecting last night, very rarely happens to me. Learned a bit about the car in the few laps I had to practice, was sliding a lot though the corners tho. Also after watching @Slicker vid I’m losing a lot of time in the breaking zones so need to sort that out too! Lol
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Semi-Pro Karter
Jan 3, 2020
My stream from last night's race. Good race there @OdieQlu and @BDG_Geo(y):)
Cheers Matthew it was fun! I wasnt happy with my pace though + i had cramp in my left foot from the second stint onwards. I had to brake with my heel almost lol. Clearly need to get used to these long races again. But i had fun and thats what its about. :)
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