PS4 - AOR PS4 Endurance S4 - Tier 1 - ROUND 2 - Nürburgring GP - 26.04.19 @7.30pm UK time |

PS4 AOR PS4 Endurance S4 - Tier 1 - ROUND 2 - Nürburgring GP - 26.04.19 @7.30pm UK time


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Oct 1, 2017
Still not working, moving this race to the end of season is a better option than waiting till 8PM UK, the race will end up finishing later than usual
I think it's the right decision, so we don't penalize anyone who can't run next Friday. Although for me we can run whenever you want, except for Wednesday that we have the radical. Maximum availability, but tonight is not evening

edit. 27/04 12.50 pm

but then we racing ...:cautious:

Q: P1

Great lap, considering that I came from a rather stressful day, even too much.

R: P1

Surprisingly good pace on wet and perfect on dry, I wish the race would never end. Everything went well, also thanks to the advice / help of my team leader . Thanks again buddy @Dennis_Meisner .
Congratulations to those who have completed the podium, especially for an extraordinary @bax .

See you in two weeks in Monza, at my home and at Bax's.
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Mar 17, 2018
Decided to return to the pits. Could not hold my eyes open. Had to work last two nights and got not enough sleep...
I'm glad we did this race and it's over. :p
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Mar 17, 2017
Well done podium - specially teammate Bax! We'll getting there...

Warning: Don't change pitstrategy during the pitstop (for next pitstop) - at the least not before tires had been changed.
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Mar 24, 2016
Q 8 - R 2 :p

I knew I had a good race pace on wet (1:52 low) but I was involved in the back field fights, mostly due my to bad Q session
I feel like a small ant.... step by step... from back positions to podium

8 > 7 (lap 1) Scld disconnected,
7 > 11 (lap 2) lost position on @VSR Thomasethan , little contact with @PRG_FrankForest (out of the track and rejoin, no damage)
11 > 10 (lap 2) small mistake by Plotnik, overtaking
10 > 9 (lap 4) MarcosMoutinho spinning, overtaking
9 > 8 (lap 4) @Dennis_Meisner out at Schumacher chicane, overtaking
8 > 7 (lap 8) finally a ont-to-one battle... overtaking FrankForest
7 > 6 (lap 11) Papano spinning when I was already close to him, overtaking
Golzy and Thomasethan in front of me, faster then them but not easy to pass with rain... decided to pit after 30min
6 > 4 (lap 27) Perfect undercut, passed them when their turn to pit
4 > 3 (lap 27) team mate @jam_my21 spinning... dry tires maybe? o_O overtaking
3 > 2 (lap 47) @Jarryd Vermeulen pits, overtaking
2 .... happy driving, 20s advantage on Jarryd... till the last heart attack 10 mins to the end... found FrankForest's car in the middle of the track after the last corner. I was not able to choose if going right or left and decided simply to brake. Lucky no damage and still 4s advantage that I was able to keep till the end

really happy :p

Marcos Moutinho

Formula 3 2nd Driver
Dec 8, 2014
Hello guys
Race for forget realy hard follow the car on front on dirt air but the leg its kill my Race on Critical points hapen but iam happy for my Pace on geral not bad but i Lost on strategy have to Run on normal and low fuel for made 2 stpos after stop at lap 11 and lote of time Lost on pit 50 seconds on 1stop and 55 on 2 on stupid mistake for mi on entry the pits .congrat to Kaiser and guys on podium chears