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PS4 AOR PS4 F1 2018 Leagues - Evaluation Race Thread - Season 16

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Pro Karter
Jun 23, 2018
Friday: Evaluation Race 5
Qualifying Position: 11th --> someone left --> promoted to 10th place
Qualifying Time: not screenshoted --> 1:28 up to 1:30 -> really don't know anymore :/
Finishing Position: 12th
Other notes: Forgot to screenshot laptimes. ~1:33 on yellow in first stint, 1:32 to 1:34 in second stint on white. Spun out twice during the race struggling with my tyres fighting for 10th place. As this was my first league/eval race and I had 0 preparation im pretty happy with it.

@Schnixel Sorry for that didnt want to get that close to you.

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Pro Karter
Sep 10, 2017
Q: 1:26:250. **** lap. There was only one run where I didn't get blocked or screwed. First run, someone didn't clear the way for me. Second one was clean, not the best lap, but an okay-ish banker. Third and last lap, someone absolutely demolished the brake indication board, which caused me to screw up the lap.

R: Picked the wrong strategy with the 2-stop. I was fairly consistent overall, aside from the last two laps on my first stint. I didn't have a lot of time to practice, so that's why I also messed up the strategy. I noticed that during the race, I was learning the game more and more, and I continued finding time on track.

Same goes for what I said in my time trial submission, I'm still 2-3 weeks behind on everyone else on game experience, due to the Ziggo Pro League. I enjoyed racing on the new game, but it's also a struggle to know that I'm not finding the time that I'll be able to find in a couple of weeks, with more game experience in the bag.



Pro Karter
Sep 16, 2017
Evaluation Race 6
Qauli: 10th 1:29:something (never took photo apologies)
Race: 11th

Connection was dangerously bad as on going maintenance. This wont be a problem when the real races start as I'm moving to my term time address. Tried to stay out of everyones way as it was impossible to actually race people. I was hit off by random cars appearing on track again all down to connection which cost me 30 odd seconds during the race and had a few occasions where cars randomly appear and I'd have to move to avoid them.



Pro Karter
Sep 12, 2018
Evaluation race 4
Qualifying Position: 4
Qualifying Time: 1:27.354
Finishing Position: 5
Other notes: All perfect, a lot of fairplay among all the classmates. I think I could have gotten a better result, I had some absurd mistakes.

A pleasure, I leave you the link of my career.



Dominik Hofmann

2-time AOR PS4 F1 Champion
Jan 20, 2017
Qualifying Pos.: 1st
Finishing Pos.: 1st
Didnt really prepare for this, last quali attempt could've been 25.6-7, but of course I cocked it up, thats just what I do. Also the time penalties in the race are just what comes with lack of preperation, could've easily been avoided, but as mentioned before, makeíng a mess of simple things is just what I do.
Other than that,
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Formula 4 1st Driver
Mar 10, 2016
Friday: Evaluation Race 5
Qualifying Position: 3rd
Finishing Position: 11th
Other notes: my rear tyres went mad from lap 3 and from that point further my race was a mess.
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S16 AOR PS4 F7 Champion
Jul 3, 2018
Qualifying Position: 9th
Qualifying Time: 1.27.623
Finishing Position: 8th
Other notes: [Didn’t have the best of races, but that’s okay. I spun off the kerbs in the penultimate corner on lap 3 (hence the poor lap times on laps 3 & 4), and then had a long, multi-lap battle during my third stint in the last 5-10 laps. It was good, clean, and fun battling, but it may have an impact on lap times (albeit, a relatively small one). It was a challenging, enjoyable race, even though I know I could have done better!]


Semi-Pro Karter
Sep 3, 2018
Sorry for replying so late. Was away from home. Took part in race 5
Qually report: p14
Qually lap: N/A
Race report: p6

Other notes: lost connection in my outlap in qually and couldn't put in a lap after rejoining as a spectator. Race went well made a big mistake which the game gave me 5 stop go penalty for. Had some nice battles and no contact between cars. IMG_20180923_192159.jpg IMG_20180923_192138.jpg IMG_20180923_192128.jpg IMG_20180923_192103.jpg

Andrei Ivan

Formula 3 Reserve Driver
Mar 28, 2016
Qualifying Position: 09
Qualifying Time:
Finishing Position: 08
Other notes: no time for practice because i was outside the town 4 days until the race...and i am moving to a new house ...

Clean race for me but i've lost much from two mistakes ...2 spinning in the S2 last part....about 20 sec...that's it
i am prepared to Melbourne

42410873_10204883116834757_6003553252543561728_o.jpg 42410873_10204883116834757_6003553252543561728_o.jpg 42420491_10204883115674728_818984752211034112_o.jpg 42432184_10204883115514724_8219971817134096384_o.jpg 42422064_10204883115354720_5277936601106743296_o.jpg
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Nick Brown

S15 AOR PS4 F6 Champion
Sep 21, 2017
I'm not sure what to do I got lap invalidated in Quali as I was trying to let people past so qualified out of position got hit at turn one, rejoined then as i did the car next to me got oversteer and hit me off, I was last made my way back up to 5th then got hit off at turn one again by someone oversteering, rejoined the track got hit again, then as i rejoined I hit someone else and understandably rage quit, I have no times to post and tbh after that experience I'm a bit wound up and dont wanna rejoin the room. I appreciate that wasnt the smartest thing to do, but I did not expect an AOR race to be like destruction derby (it was like a ranked lobby).
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Formula Karter
Dec 27, 2015
Qualifying Position: 6th
Qualifying Time:1:26.956
Finishing Position:5th
Other notes: had an incident with Alex musica and went off the track. Had 1 corner cut penalty and at about lap 25 tyres were at 80%.


Formula 4 1st Driver
May 9, 2014
Qualifying Position: 15th
Qualifying Time: 1:28.3
Finishing Position:13th
Other notes: crashed near the end of first stint on softs lost quite a bit of time.



Semi-Pro Karter
Apr 9, 2017
Qualifying position: 5th
Qualifying time: 1.26.916
Finishing position: 15th
A driver who wasn’t supposed to be in the race it was someone friend he drove in to me and spun me out 3 times and my tires were destroyed for laps 13-18


Formula Karter
Apr 5, 2017
Race Report:
Qualifying Position: P3
Qualifying Time: 1:26.235
Finishing Position: P6
Other notes: I battled the Ferrari ahead on Lap 5 and overheated my tyres completely, causing me to spin twice on Lap 8. My Medium stint started very slow because I was still driving cautiously as if my tyres were still overheated. After I got up to grip I had to get through a bit of traffic. On the last lap I lost it in the uphill section because my tyres were at 80%. Didn't have much time to practice either but thats just an excuse. I'd say this race definetely doesn't showcase my abilites.


F1 Senna Equivalent
Apr 4, 2015
Qualifying position: 5th
Qualifying time: 1.26.916
Finishing position: 15th
A driver who wasn’t supposed to be in the race it was someone friend he drove in to me and spun me out 3 times and my tires were destroyed for laps 13-18 View attachment 62429 View attachment 62438
Excuse me?
Everyone who was supposed to be in the race, was... there was nobody in the lobby who wasn't supposed to be there.


Formula 4 1st Driver
Sep 14, 2017
Qualifying Position: 8th
Qualifying Time:1.27.332
Finishing Position:12th
Other notes: well bottled quali and in the race i spun twice hitting the inside kerb of the end of sector 2. There forward i had like 4 good laps in a 29 lap race with many mistakes. Don't know what was happening. And my wheel went crazy at the beginning. A horrible race for me where my pace wasn't shown.


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