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PS4 AOR PS4 F1 2018 Leagues - Evaluation Race Thread - Season 16

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Formula 4 2nd Driver
Nov 17, 2017
Qualifying Position: 14th
Qualifying Time: 1:28.321
Finishing Position: 15th
Other notes:
Just switched from the controller to the wheel so very inconsistent. Qualifying time is definitely short of what I can do and I made lots of small mistakes on most laps in the race as well as a few more major spins. There were one or two laps that showed my pace but overall this wasn't very representative of what I will be able to do once I've done some more 50% races on the wheel. Race director only goes to lap 28 because I finished a lap down



GP2 Test Driver
Oct 15, 2017
Qualifying Position: 10th
Qualifying Time: 1:27.656
Finishing Position: 17th
Other notes:

New to the wheel, so I’ve still got improving to do (clearly).
Qualifying was going to do a 27.2 but had to go off line for another car ahead so did the 27.6.
horrible first stint, overheating the tyres then stubbornly refusing to pit. Lap down after pitting. Drove fairly okay from then on, only really got confidence back in the final stint on softs (last 11 laps or so).
Finished a lap down hence didn’t include lap 29 from the race director


Junior Karter
Sep 6, 2018
Qualifying Position: P6
Finishing Position: P8
Got spun out at T3 on the first lap after making my way in to 4th from the start, then on lap 2 I tagged the back of someone and spun again which resulted in my tyres overheating and me spinning a couple more times on the in lap, apart from that quite a quiet race, I had fun catching the back up to the pack and gaining some places but definitely could've gone better.



Junior Karter
Sep 6, 2018
Qualifying Position: P6
Finishing Position: P8
Got spun out at T3 on the first lap after making my way in to 4th from the start, then on lap 2 I tagged the back of someone and spun again which resulted in my tyres overheating and me spinning a couple more times on the in lap, apart from that quite a quiet race, I had fun catching the back up to the pack and gaining some places but definitely could've gone better.
Qualifying time was a 1:27.440

Sean B

F1 Senna Equivalent
May 6, 2015
Q: p3 - 1:26.734
R: p1

Comments: Fairly uneventful race, only good start ive ever got on this game jumped me to p2 then 4/5 laps in the leader spun out, after that I maintained the gap back to Elite_Gameboy. Couple of backmarkers rejoined in front causing me to swerve but other than that it was a great tense race. I'm never good at quali but as shown my race pace is much better. 2AB4F2C7-9A32-4F12-8FD8-40F7AC77518A.jpeg 6CA5AADA-46D1-464F-90F0-66B23EF08727.jpeg 13590529-3198-48C9-84B4-4D0295FDC39D.jpeg BCCEDC42-346C-4DA8-B92A-8AFD63E76B82.jpeg CFD98BB6-A169-418B-8D23-799D5EBDCD6C.jpeg


Pro Karter
Apr 6, 2018

Race Report:
Qualifying Position: P2
Qualifying Time: 1:26.208
Finishing Position: P3
Other notes:
Lost about 8 seconds on lap 17 when i accidentally switched the camera view and went off the track in corner 13.


Formula Karter
Sep 13, 2018
Qualifying Position: 18th
Qualifying Time: 1:28.937
Finishing Position: 17th
Other notes:
Got hit a couple of times on lap one when it was bunched up, on lap 3 span pretty badly which trashed my tyres until I pitted. On lap 8 the penalty was me avoiding schumi3garcia who had span in front of me, I panicked cut the track and span for good measure haha.

Other than that, a couple of spins (not had the wheel long), but otherwise pretty steady - I channelled my inner Brendon Hartley and pootled around at the back after my incidents!



Semi-Pro Karter
Sep 4, 2018
Qualifying Position: 11th
Qualifying Time: 1:28.637
Finishing Position: 10th
Other Notes: Forgot to take picture from qualifying results but those are final times, few mistakes in promising qualifying attempts but thats how it goes. Also spun out couple times in race and lost about 20-30 seconds of time.



Formula Karter
Aug 27, 2018
Qualifying Position: 16th
Qualifying Time: Roughly 1:28.3
Finishing Position: 8th
Other notes: First lap 1st corner contact, small collision going into turn 4 (No cars went off, other driver and I kept position), Last lap ran wide on turn 13



Semi-Pro Karter
Sep 1, 2018
Qualifying :p9
Qualifying time: 1:27.585
OTHER notes: i messed the 1st sector on my only run on Soft tyre, should have done 1:26.6~8 (Soft tyres) , the race was good lots of fighting i got through the field and then batteled for p1 when i finially got it i was LITERALLY SWIPPED going into the first corner by JIM_Pasti, either it was intentional or he TOTALLY MISSED HIS BRAKING POINT yet ironically i got 5 sec penalty and he didnt gave me the position back. And add even more i lost the record of the race(by forgetting at then to double tap share button so footage is gone) i hope anw @HoinkDoink did saw the incident.



Premium Member
Premium Member
Jan 15, 2014
Pitty i hit the kerbs and spun a bit in lap one.
No way avoiding people drive into me. Sorry about that.
Pos. 18 from there.
F1® 2018_20180923225609.jpg
F1® 2018_20180923224914.jpg
F1® 2018_20180923224302.jpg
F1® 2018_20180923224042.jpg
F1® 2018_20180923222309.jpg


Formula 4 Reserve Driver
Aug 11, 2016
Qualifying position: 4th
Qualifying time: 1:26.594
Finishing position: 5th
⚠ During my laps in qualify and also all the race, my shifter to down the gears was not working properly. Sometimes, I was just blocked on a gear and I could not do anything. I have even made a spin because a gear has been down not properly and this made me slide.
I lose more than 10 seconds with this problem.
I am gonna command new shifters very quickly. Thanks and good luck.



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F1 Senna Equivalent
Aug 24, 2016
Quali: 1:26.516
Race: P2
Binned it with a lap and a bit to go trying to catch Sean on 79% tires




Reigning PS4 F4 Bottlejob
Premium Member
May 7, 2017
Qualifying Position: 5th
Qualifying Time: 1.27.0
Finishing Position: DNF
Other notes: A few incidents and spins, really tough race for me. I couldn’t finish the race due to start time being delayed. Managed to complete 22 laps of 29.




Formula Karter
May 14, 2018
Made a decent start on the SS but spun soon after, I can barely string 2 decent laps together, was lapped 4 times, kept getting a 5 second penalty for speeding in pit lane so made 2 extra stops to practice, I was hitting the limiter way before the line yet every time got a penalty??
As I said I'm not good at this track and this was my first online lobby on any f1 game, I buy every F1 game but usually play it for a week then it never again.
By entering the league it will keep me committed to the game and I am hoping it will increase my speed , I've never been fast since F1 97!:D



Formula Karter
May 3, 2017
Qualifying Position: 16th
Qualifying Time: 1,28,437
Finishing Position: 11th
Other notes:

Qualifying: I was really upset with my performance in qualifying. I bottled my first try immediately by failing the braking to turn 1. Second attempt was a little bit better but still not on my normal level, also had a little trouble in the turn 1 again. On the last attempt I had a chance to make a slight improvement but I ran wide in the last corner, still besides that it wasn’t the best of laps either. Don’t know if it was the pressure that got on me or what but I was nowhere near my own level.

Laps 3-11: Stuck behind @Tommytherod most of the time. I think I was the faster driver but really couldn’t just find a way past. Hard to say how much time we lost battling but surely did. Had some good time competing though.:whistle:

Lap 11: Span in the last corner I think I had my tires overheated and I just tried to go on the throttle too early, lost 8,5 seconds. My own fault.

Lap 14: Pit-stop.

Laps 24-26: Battling with @Carbon.

Lap 24: @Carbon divebombing in the back of my car in turn 1, I lost 2,5-3 seconds and two positions.

Lap 25: @Carbon causing me almost to spin by pushing my left rear tyre, lost 2,5 seconds.

Lap 26: @Carbon completely cutting my racing line and putting me to the wall on the main straight, would have surely ended my race, had the damage been on, I lost about a second.

After the race I was just sitting on my seat thinking and comparing our best laps, so the next session timer surprised me and I had no time to get the full screenshots. I got on laps 1-14. My pace improved on my second stint which can be seen on my best lap also and my lap times were mostly between 1,32-1,33.

If you want me to send clips as evidence on the incidents or you want some more screenshots or something then tell me and I'll do.



Pro Karter
Sep 12, 2018
Qualifying time: 1:27:4xx
Qualifying Position :8
Finishing Position : 11 on Track / lost one Place due to a 3 Second Penalty
Other Note:Really fun and clean Race , i think everyone was really cautious at least the ones around me lol

Spun out After 4 or 5 laps and ended the other way around when i Tried to miss someone who spun right in Front of me haha
Rest of the Race Pretty much all Alone with some mistakes ... was Able to catch up some on the last laps and passed them Quite fast 950D20C1-F79A-47F5-8F46-E4919456724F.jpeg 9F4F1A0D-87D8-4A87-9316-FA48B2A01A34.jpeg
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