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F1 Test Driver
Oct 15, 2015
Evaluation race 1

Quail pos. 13 of 13
Quali time 1.31.622
Race pos 13th

Bahrain is a weak track for me, and I know I am always in bottom league and I know some quick guys are in the field. Having said that was appalled to have busted a gut to be three secs off 12th place in quali. Lol

Race. Very very very lonely. Spun lap 2, and 7, and last lap.

Later on laptimes badly compromised by getting out of way of leaders. Not quite lapped by everyone. Nearly though!


Pro Karter
Aug 15, 2018
Qualifying Position: 4th
Qualifying Time: 1:27.917 (mediums)
Finishing Position: 5th
Other notes: i got disqualified from the fmation lap because the toro rosso was going very slow and i got hit, i had very cold tyres which is why i dropped to 8th and i then made my way up to 5th


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F1 Senna Equivalent
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GT Coordinator
Jan 1, 2017
Qualifying Position: 5th
Qualifying Time:
1:27.668 (Softs)
Finishing Position:
Other notes:
First stint was a bit messy, after that some mistakes here and there but no real major dramas.

1564173402472.png 1564173422172.png 1564173445923.png


F1 Test Driver
Jan 14, 2014
Qualifying Position: 10th
Qualifying Time: 1:28.5
Finishing Position: 8th
Other notes: Poor qualifying lap with only one lap at it on mediums, best I think i could of done was a low 28.

First stint was full of battles for the opening laps, I was a bit all over the place for the first stint and on lap 3 a McLaren went to the inside of the fast right hander coming into sector 3 and it looked like he was letting me through but he sort of understeered into the side of my car as I went around the outside. I thought i left enough space but obviously not.

EVentually I settled down in the race when i put the hard tyres on i was pretty happy with my pace and quite consistent, it was a lonely second stint but it allowed me to find a good rhythm.



Patriarca Marqueses

Semi-Pro Karter
Apr 16, 2018
Qualifying Position: 4th (2nd on mediums)
Qualifying Time: (1:27.574)
Finishing Position: 2nd. (Crossed the line first
Other notes: Was doing 27.2's on mediums and 26.6's on softs consistently, but made a huge mistake in sector 1. In the race I was in close proximity to NRaffa the entire time and we never left 1 second of eachother. I had a few bumps with him and tableclan



Race Director:




Junior Karter
Jul 25, 2019
Race Report:
Qualifiying Position: 3rd (1st on Mediums)
Qualifiying Time: 1:27.475
Finishing Position: 1st
Other notes: Got stuck behind the two soft runners in front of me for the first few laps and battled the entire race with VSR_Marqueses which cost me time in a few laps.

Race Director: Quali Attached as Picture.


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S15 AOR PS4 F7 Champion
Mar 20, 2018
Race Report
Qualifying Position: 9th
Qualifying Time: 1:28.094 (Mediums)
Finishing Position: N/A (Basically a DSC from the rest of the guys)
Other Notes; Qualifying was a bit meh (did a 1.27.6 earlier in the day on Mediums).
The race was... weird. I got a huge lag bubble in lap 3 (see video), which resulted in me getting kicked into another dimension.
From there on I decided to just get on with racing since it was about lap times anyway.
My FL was a 1.23 because of this disconnect, but with the time spent in the menu and a few mistakes on my 2nd stint, I think the 44:49 race time is what I am capable of.

Screenshots and Vid:

S18 Evaluation Qualifying.jpg
S18 Evaluation Race Time.jpg
S18 Evaluation Laps 1.jpg
S18 Evaluation Laps 2.jpg



Semi-Pro Karter
Feb 21, 2019
Race Report:
Qualifiying Position: 7th on Mediums
Qualifiying Time: 1:28.155
Finishing Position: 7th
Other notes: I made a good start, I fought a long time with the Renault then at the end of the race with the india force, I had only 1 warning. But the biggest problem is that tonight I had a bad connection



Pro Karter
Apr 15, 2019
Race report:
Qualy position: 1st (1:27:206) softs
Finishing position: 5th
Note: I got a 5 sec stop and go penalty at my first pit stop, in lap 16 I let Raffa and Marqueses pass, in lap 17 I spun because I tried to follow Marqueses's and Raffa's pace, I also got 2 warnings while rejoining on to the track, I did the stop and go penalty in my last pit stop and made me rejoin behind a lot of traffic which made me lose a lot of time and make some mistakes


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Semi-Pro Karter
May 19, 2019
Race Report:
Qualifiying Position: 8th (1:28.035) softs
Finishing Position: 8th
Other notes: Qualy could better, I had a bad start and I got involved in several fights while being in traffic for most of the race. In lap 13 I had an incident with a Toro Rosso. During the last laps I got involved in another fight with a Mercedes



Pro Karter
Nov 7, 2018
Qualifying Position: P1
Qualifying Time: 1:27.607 (Mediums)
Finishing Position: 2nd

Someway off my PB, but happy with my pace.



Junior Karter
Mar 5, 2019
Qualifying Position: 11th
Qualifying Time: i think it was at 1:28.8+ but i am not sure cuz i forgot to tale a pic
Finishing Position:12th

First lap was full of battles ,in lap 3 and corner 12 i was from the inside and i touched the Kerb so the Ferrari had a space i tho for me but i think i touch him,but not sure. @Walsh89- if i touch you i am sorry mate i spun my car on the Kerb.After that i just want to make a pace but slow cuz i dont know the track as a result i had two more spun cuz of my braking points.I take 2 time 3 sec penalty.



Pro Karter
Sep 1, 2018
● Race Report:
Qualifying Position: 2nd
Qualifying Time: 1.27.208 was 0.150 down on my previous best in the session in S1, so could have done better.
Finishing Position: 11th with 6 seconds of penalties.
Other notes: Had a shocking start which sent me down the field, and therefore the first stint were hindered by some battling and being stuck behind two other drivers battling, had a battle in the last couple of laps aswell. Besides that I had some stupid mistakes throughout the race and some high tyre wear which made me pit 2 laps earlier than I had planned.



F1 Senna Equivalent
Aug 24, 2016
Race Report:
Qualifying Position: P6
Qualifying Time: 1:28.137 (M)
Finishing Position: P9 (3 second time pen)
Other notes: Got spun out lap 1 (Shocking I know) spent the next few laps working my way back through some traffic, pitted lap 11, set a super consistent pace, caught the guy in front of me, got in a honestly pointless battle, and that's that.




Semi-Pro Karter
Nov 3, 2018
Quali p7, 4th on the mediums and then finished p5 with a pen,
Had to overtake a few cars at the beginning cause other people qualified on softs, I only had drs for 2 laps on my hard stint
Quali was 28.0 I forgot to ss but the spectators in my race got it.



Pro Karter
Apr 17, 2019
Qualifying Position: 15th
Qualifying Time: 1:36:102 (Medium)
Finishing Position: 15th
Other notes: A race to forget. Qualifying I messed up my lap at turns 12-13 with oversteer and struggled at that corner a few times during the race. Pit stop strategy was messed up as well as I stopped for new hards after my first incident at 12-13 but accidentally set it to meduims and was forced to stop again for softs towards the end. Don't think I've had a worse 50% race ever :(



S15 AOR PS4 F1 Champion
Apr 14, 2017
Tbh this does not really reflect my potential at all. A few hours before quali my gas pedal gave up the ghost and flicked all over the place. Cost me over 2 tenths in quali and in every lap in the race. Got me p1 but there was more possible. In the race i messed up my fuel strategy big time, had to save fuel in every lap and wasnt able to set a fastest lap at the end. I was fortunate enough to win the race but it was definitely not my limit.