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Semi-Pro Karter
Apr 14, 2019
Qualifying Position: 3rd
Qualifying Time: 1:27:853 (soft)
Finishing Position: 3rd
Other notes: The qualifying could have been better time, the pit strategy in the race was bad, losing two places and regaining them in the race. I had two warnings for left the track.

F1® 2019_20190728212259.jpg
F1® 2019_20190728221408.jpg
F1® 2019_20190728221408.jpg
F1® 2019_20190728221416.jpg
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Semi-Pro Karter
Feb 11, 2019
Qualifying Position: 9
Qualifying Time: 1:28:250 (Medium)
Finishing Position: 6
Other notes: On lap 6 I made a mistake that make me lost 4 seconds. All the second stint I was behind FAP_Alex saving tyres and on the last lap I pass him. I didn't receive any warning in all the race.


Francis mcginn

Formula 4 1st Driver
Aug 13, 2015
Qualifying Position:
Qualifying Time:1:27.8
Finishing Position:4th
Other notes: [Add anything of note that may have affected your lap times during the race, such as incidents, mistakes, penalties, lengthy battles, etc.]made a mistake on my lap which cost my 3 tenths and got pushed off lap one of the first stint so was held up



Pro Karter
Aug 22, 2018
Race Report:
Qualifying Position: P9
Qualifying Time: 1.29.587. Had 0.3 - 0.5 in the pocket but messed last run up.
Finishing Position: P8.
Other notes: couple close spins which I saved but lost 0.5 - 0.8 nonetheless. Couple overtakes and being lapped once. Overall I would say race pace is what I can expect in normal circumstances.



Pro Karter
Sep 1, 2018
Race Report:
Qualifying Position: 7th
Qualifying Time: 1.27.981 (Mediums). Had 1 or 2 mistakes throughout the lap, so could have gone quicker.
Finishing Position: 7th
Other notes: The first stint was in traffic and being overtaken by some of the guys finishing in front of me. Had some weird lockups in S3 on lap 14, 15 and 16 which cost me some time and confidence. Got overtaken on the final lap, which comprimised my S1.


F1 Coordinator
Staff member
F1 Coordinator
Mar 30, 2018
Race Report:

Qualifying Position: 3rd
Qualifying Time: 1.27.628
Finishing Position: 3rd
Other notes:

Qualy lap was alright except the exit out of turn 10 where I had to correct poor traction which cost me 2 tenths. Race started slow because I lost a position in the start and then had to wait a little while to get past. After that I found the rhythm and tried to stay withing striking distance of the two front runners of Casper and Wayne. Pace was good from lap 4 onwards and I was able to keep up with the pace of the leaders even without DRS.

Some laps into the hard stint, Daniel managed to catch me and eventually I let him past because he was slightly faster than me. Then I simply followed him and tried to save ERS in order to attack him later on in the race. Again, I had no problems keeping up with the pace.

On the final lap me and Daniel a small battle for 3rd . To be honest, it may have been a bit silly from both of us and we had a small contact in the final corner which caused Daniel to spin. I slowed down a little bit to see in case he managed to save the car but he didn't. Anyway, my pace was good and pretty consistent throughout the race although laps 20-29 were DRS assisted. Only one warning in the race.

I almost forgot to take my race director screenshots which meant I had to frantically take the screenshots before the game kicked us into the lobby. Laps 27-29 are missing but it's only a minor inconvenience.
F1® 2019_20190728222429.jpg
F1® 2019_20190728231558.jpg
F1® 2019_20190728231622.jpg
F1® 2019_20190728231626.jpg


Semi-Pro Karter
Jul 10, 2019
Qualifying Position: 12th
Qualifying Time: 1:29:234 (Medium)
Finishing Position: 10th
Other notes: Messed up quali wasn't sure which tyre was best to start race on. Ended up trying to do 3 hotlaps on Mediums: invalidated one, and made a mistake in another. felt i could of got into the 28's pretty easily otherwise. Race wasn't particularly good either.



Pro Karter
Aug 29, 2018
Unfortunately I cant make the races for these 2 weekends.

Honest assessment of myself is I am struggling to keep up the pace with the guys I was with last season. I have turned RL off but dont think that's all am struggling with pace wise. Just havnt got the raw pace at all. I was in F6/7 last game.


Premium Member
Premium Member
Apr 9, 2017
Unfortunately I will not be able to participate in any of the evaluation races. I cannot do the weekday races due to being in the USA, and I'm at work during race time. And this coming weekend I will be working more to cover shifts for vacations. I'll keep watching this thread should another eval race later open up.

I will have Time Trial times posted however.


Pro Karter
Jul 19, 2019
Qualifying position: 12th
Qualifying time: 1.29.193 on medium
Finishing position: 12th
Notes: Start was alright, didnt wanna mess around with the top guys. In the first laps i just wanted to keep up with "rich500" by staying in his slipstream. Lap 8 lost contact to him because i almost spun. After that didnt feel good on the mediums and just tried to keep them up 'til lap 12,13. With the hard tyre I felt much better and got quite a consistent pace in the low 32s. But on lap 25 i spun completely and lost at least 6 seconds.
Lap 15 i wasnt able to record because someone pressed X way to quick and had not enough time to get them all.


Andrei Ivan

Formula 3 Reserve Driver
Mar 28, 2016
Race Report:
Qualifying Position: 9th
Qualifying Time:1.28.143
Finishing Position:11th
Other notes: i did have 1 penalties and i did have battles so.. yeah my pace was good but slower than others..


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S16 AOR PS4 F6 Champion
Sep 4, 2018
Quali time: 1.28.5xx
Quali position: 12th
Finishing position: 3rd
Race description: I'll start off with the fact that my setup wasn't great and I bottled quali. Race pace wasn't very good as my setup was way too oversteery coming out of slow corners. But I think that Bahrain also just isn't my track on this game
20190731_142526.jpg 20190731_142530.jpg 20190731_142516.jpg

Alex Shield

Formula 4 Reserve Driver
Mar 27, 2018
AOR Hype Energy F1 Leagues - Season 18
PS4 - Main Evaluation Race Thread

This is 3rd and final step of the sign-up process. This step needs to be done by all drivers. This thread is for drivers signing up to the Main Leagues.

Before registering for an evaluation race, make sure you have signed up to the league in the sign-up thread (step 1).

The evaluation races will be hosted on 6 days from Friday 26th July - Sunday 28th July and Friday 2nd August - Sunday 4th August. You only need to participate in one of the races.

The pre-season evaluation races are being arranged for a few reasons:

● It will work as an additional means to help us judge the league placement for new drivers, by allowing us to see how you perform on race pace over a 50% distance race.
● It will give us a taste of your race craft and ability to race cleanly and stay out of trouble, and ensure that all drivers have some experience of organised online racing.
● It will show us that you are properly committed to taking part in the upcoming league season, and allow us to weed out potential inactive sign-ups before the season has started.

How to take part:
Below you can find links to a race thread for each of the evaluation race nights. Enter the thread of the race day that suits you the most, and sign up there by replying with your XB1 Gamertag. It is possible to set up multiple lobbies per evaluation race day if necessary.

If you for some reason are unable to attend all of these race nights, due to reasons out of your control, then leave a message in this thread to let us know. Drivers who fail to attend any of the races, without informing us with a good reason, will not be included in the league placements.

Evaluation Race #1 - Friday 26th July
Evaluation Race #2 - Saturday 27th July
Evaluation Race #3 - Sunday 28th July
Evaluation Race #4 - Friday 2nd August
Evaluation Race #5 - Saturday 3rd August
Evaluation Race #6 - Sunday 4th August

More information about the races can be found within the individual race threads.

Post-race reporting:

After you have finished your race, you will need to make a post in this thread with the following information:

Race Director Images:
On the results screen after the race, enter the "race director" and take screenshots (or make a recording) of your lap times in the race director screen, and upload your pictures here. This will help us get a better overview of your race pace.

Race Report:
Qualifying Position:
Qualifying Time:
Finishing Position:
Other notes: [Add anything of note that may have affected your lap times during the race, such as incidents, mistakes, penalties, lengthy battles, etc.]

Practical info regarding screenshots:

How to take a screenshot:
PS4: Press and hold down the 'SHARE' button until a notification pops up. Alternatively, press the 'SHARE' button and then press 'TRIANGLE' to save a screenshot.

How to add a screenshot to your post:
You can upload images directly to your post as an attachment by clicking the "ATTACH FILES" button underneath the text box, and then selecting the images from the folder on your computer. Alternatively, you can upload your image to an external image hosting site (such as imgur, dropbox, google drive etc) and add the URL using the "Insert image" button above the text box, and then using the "By URL" option.

Example Screenshots:

Hey Can you put me in sundays race?