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Mar 18, 2016
AOR PS4 F1 League - Season 15
Prediction Rankings

Welcome to the predicton rankings for AOR PS4 F1 this season! The predictions from the race thread will be put into a ranking to have a competetive element in them aswell.

General Information:

To take part you only need to submit your guesses in the race thread.

The ususal teamplate for every race will be:


first to DNF or fastest lap

The correct guess for First DNF (fastest lap) or 3rd place will be awarded with 1 point
The correct guess for 2nd Place and Pole Position will be awarded with 2 points
The correct guess for 1st will be awarded with 3 points

The winner will take bragging rights to declare himself AOR PS4 F1 Prediction Champion

Good luck to everyone!

@Ollie_D631 @SynTeTiC96 @Rc-Alonso44 @clarky_110 @Klayyyyyy @ch1cken1990 @Curly @DeAgLeKiLLeR @Jemzoh @Floriswijers33 @dawidos_1150 @Overdykink @JIM-NardyXTeam @TheXocolateHD @JIM_pasti @VP_DamnDqniel @burakpala05 @Cas_0807 @IRT_AlvaroMasia

Standings (after Australia):
1) @dawidos_1150 3pts
2) @IRT_AlvaroMasia 2pts
3) The rest with 0pts
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