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PS4 AOR PS4 F2 Season 16 Alternative Awards & Final Standings

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Mar 30, 2018
As the PS4 F2 S16 standings have been finalized for Season 16, we can take a look at a few statistics and hand out some alternative awards based on purely statistics.

Lewis Hamilton Award - Most Pole Positions
@Sean FAP Belkom - 4 Pole Positions​
Ayrton Senna Award - Best Average Qualifying Position

Sebastian Vettel Award - Most Race Wins
@Sean FAP Belkom - 6 Race Wins​
Jim Clark Award - Best Average Race Position

Kimi Räikkönen Award - Most Podium Finishes
@Sean FAP Belkom - 11 Podium Finishes​
Max Verstappen Award - Best Average Positions Gained
@xTheHEaglex - 2.9 Positions Gained/race​
Fernando Alonso Award - Best Qualifying Head-To-Head Record
@leefindlay04 (vs @Ashbest122) - 16-2​
Michael Schumacher Award - Best Race Head-To-Head Record
@Casper24-F1 (vs @Cherry2pie) - 18-3​

Nico Hülkenberg Award - Best Reliability
@Casper24-F1 - 21/21 Races Finished - 100% Reliability​
Valtteri Bottas Award - Most Fastest Laps
@leefindlay04 & @Vettel_Racer_5 - 5 Fastest Laps​
Daniel Ricciardo Award - Most DNF's
@Cherry2pie - 8 DNF's​
Pastor Maldonado Award - Most Time Penalties
@JIM_pasti - 126 Seconds worth of Time Penalties #goat​

Congratulations to the winners!
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