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PS4 AOR PS4 F6 League - Car and Number Selection Thread


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Jan 6, 2015
@blake300892 @Donks @Joost @stevenh7n @Durham2712 @Thomassbrownn @MORETHANAMAZING @Wimstradamus @joshualuke1993 @Haze @Synergertyc @Giinis @lioblade @shyguy2008 @Junybean463 @yourcaptainrex @Marcos64DR @Bartek @Hobbit I'm pleased to announce we are now a full tier thanks to the arrival of @Bzahh You will have the pick after @stevenh7n so decide what car you would like every car except McLaren is available :)

Sorry for this guys, with 8 tiers and only 1 full day yo.arrange everything, people were bound to get missed, last time though I promise :)
@blake300892 @Donks @Joost @stevenh7n @Durham2712 @Thomassbrownn @MORETHANAMAZING @Wimstradamus @joshualuke1993 @Haze @Synergertyc @Giinis @lioblade @shyguy2008 @Junybean463 @yourcaptainrex @Marcos64DR @Bartek @Hobbit @Bzahh @stevenh7n Hopefully you are all part of the AOR F6 chat group so we can arrange practise sessions etc.

Let me know if you're not as I may have added the wrong PSN's


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Jan 13, 2014
@Obsession @Anton Mineev

Please select your car the below are currently open, this is first come first served

Force India - 1 space
Williams - 2 spaces
Toro Rosso - 1 space
Renault - 1 space
Sauber - 2 spaces