PS4 - AOR PS4 GT3 Elite - Round 5 - Barcelona GP - 02/09/15 @8:00 PM |

PS4 AOR PS4 GT3 Elite - Round 5 - Barcelona GP - 02/09/15 @8:00 PM


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Jan 14, 2014
Yeah the results showed me as third but I was definitely ahead of you going across the line so i'm assuming the results were bugged.

I had a great race, probably the most fun i've had so far on AOR so thanks everyone. At some stage during the race I think I was racing close to everyone. Had some great battles with @Lorrentz and others.

At the start I had a coming together with someone going into the same corner, i was up the inside and we got locked together(the old PC collision physics working a treat) letting a bunch of people through. Whoever that was I'm sorry, I don't think it was really my fault or yours but I could have been more careful.

Definitely enjoyed being on the softs at the start, @jenda1975 was mad unlucky with that bug as I reckon 2nd was yours. Same with you @Lorrentz but I'm not going to lie, I wasn't unhappy to see you crawling up the hill on the last lap ;-). I'm very happy with 2nd, my first podium of the season :D. I'm coming for you @Drastics and @iSuperScrub ;-).

Also someone mentioned lag, that might be me as my internet is still very slow. I'm not sure what to do but if it keeps happening I can bail on the season until we get fibre if that helps? I ran VERY close to @RicciardoF1 and extremely close to @Lorrentz without issue so maybe it was just the start?

Looking forward to next week now :)

Disagree,I think it is Your fault, it was me You hit on lap 1 and yes You should have been more careful instead of going full on battle hard brakes, maybe a tighter line, but goin going from inside line to outside and taking me out making me 3rd,4th to last, You should stay on the inside not sure how you came over, that way I had a run on You and I was going full throttle to have advantage next corners.

I gave You room on the previous corners and watched my throttle to not drift and take you out but you did not give me the same respect and room back.

Yes it's a minor bump but it really affected my race, it's supposed to be no contact, no contact makes us the good racers we are.

Stewards can decide now but that's my opinion .

Shame as we could have both had a good battle like that side by side for few laps.
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Jan 13, 2014
Decent start and was behind @iSuperScrub until I out braked myself and lost time. Car felt really unstable and lost it a couple of times. Tried to get back as many places as I could. came up to a few cars at the end and had a nice battle to pass them, then crossed the line in 6th.

Really??? 99 liters of fuel and still over 20 left when finishing without refuelling? Wtf...that car barely eats fuel :D


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May 29, 2015
I do not think it was was me, I was at the back of the back the first few laps. Sometimes the cars get switched in replay, here is mine
[DOUBLEPOST=1441230796][/DOUBLEPOST]Well, mixed feelings today. 15 mins before the race I was still strugling with a setup, could not even finish one clean lap. Frustrating after investing quite a lot of time practicing.

Finally I found it and was happy - a fast enough setup which would last the whole race, no need for pit.

A couple of nice and mostly clean battles mid race I found myself on P3 behind @Bluerat

When he pitted ( I think in lap 17 ) I was extatic :) P2, @iSuperScrub far in front, closest one behing over 20sec, easy....

10 laps of basicaly cruising and typecontrol later with still over 25% tires and almost bored I had bug, GRRRRRRRRRR ( me car did a head over heels )

Fortunatelly it did not destroy the car and I landed just off the track on tarmac.

P4 in the end, happy, becouse in my world I was SILVER

I believe the track penalties are setup weirdly, in lap 4-5 I got bummped from behind wide off a corner by max 1 car width and got 5 sec penalty...

Congrats to all