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PS4 AOR PS4 GT3 - Initial League/Driver Announcement - Season 2

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Jan 12, 2014
AOR Project CARS GT3 Leagues - Season 2
PS4 League/Driver Placements

This thread lists the initial league/driver placements for Season 2 of the PS4 GT3 leagues! Only drivers who have signed up to the season (and completed their time trials in the case of new drivers) have been included in the initial league setup.

Each league will have its own subforum where a car selection thread - plus a race thread for Round 1 on Wednesday - will be created shortly.

NOTE: If you have missed the deadline, it will still be possible to sign up during the season, however whether it will possible to get into a league at that point will depend on the amount of spaces available.

How have the leagues been decided?

The amount of leagues has been determined by the amount of drivers that has signed up for this season so far. The PS4 platform will have 2 leagues - GT3 Elite (Tier 1) and GT3 Pro (Tier 2).

Drivers have been ordered and placed into leagues mainly based on their championship position from season 1 (with the occasional exception). New drivers have been added into the gaps where possible, based on their time trial times.

This is also the same way the car picking order within each league has been decided, as per the info post here.

This has led to us assigning the following leagues:

(@Drastics, @Bluerat, @iSuperScrub, @An0n, @Lorrentz, @pete day, @chris130256, @Graeme Weston, @Big-Kid-Daddy, @Graham, @jenda1975, @Coops, @BaSsMaNLoFtY, @Du7cH, @evanzo7, @Tigerkart_22, @iLeeRoy_x, @Bankai_Bullett, @msvance23, @Defiant195, @Elite_sultan, @Jthorn97, @Psionuk, @CragglesD, @Marcus Lindblom, @Unluckysod2, @Newy656, @lovablegeek, @xGATECRASHERx, @boywithnoface, @iPro x Owen, @iJokeri22)

AOR PS4 GT3 Elite League: Forum link

AOR PS4 GT3 Pro League: Forum link
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