PS4 - AOR PS4 GT3 S16 - Practice/Evaluation race - Daytona Road Course - 11 August 2020 |

PS4 AOR PS4 GT3 S16 - Practice/Evaluation race - Daytona Road Course - 11 August 2020


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May 9, 2018

AOR PS4 GT3 S16 Practice/Evaluation Race
Event Information:
Date: Tuesday 11 August 2020
Lobby opens: 7:45pm (UK time)
● Event starts: 8:00pm (UK time)
● Lobby host: @Slicker (psn RSlicker) please ensure you have added me on psn by 1900uk on the night

● Event format:
- Qualifying: 15 minutes
- Race: 35 Laps (1 formation lap + 34 race laps)

● Weather Conditions:
- Qualifying:
- Race:
Clear -
Light cloud (Sync-to-race)

● In-game time-of-day information:
- Qualifying time: 26/01/20 14:00
- Race start time: 26/01/20 15:00

Manual Rolling Start Information:

Formation Point:

Acceleration Zone:

If you are unsure about the Manual Rolling Start procedure, please read the instructions and watch the explanatory video.

● Rules & regulations:
Before you take to the track in this race, make sure you are fully aware of the rules and regulations of the leagues. All league rules apply for this event. As a driver, you are required to do your very best to ensure clean and fair racing at all times.
● No-shows: If you are unable to attend the race, please leave a post in this thread BEFORE the race takes place. Note the rules of participation here.
● Lobby settings: Damage will be off, mechanical failures on. If you are unsure about the rest of the lobby settings that will be used, look here.
● Save your replay: in case of any incidents which require the attention of the co-ordinators, please save your replay and/or your gameplay recording

Useful Links:
League Information
Race Calendar
League Rules

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Mar 2, 2020
i dont think imma do the season im a tad nervous and i dont feel i'd be fast enough or have the skill or the time even sorry m8
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Jul 25, 2020
Hello Slicker, please remove me from Tuesdays Practice race. I will only be able to race Wednesday this week.
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O Pariah

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Jul 13, 2020
Guys, sorry. I had problems with connexion and cant race. I hope that tomorrow this dont happen.
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