AOR Rally - DiRT Rally 2.0 - Season 2 - End of Season Announcement |

AOR Rally - DiRT Rally 2.0 - Season 2 - End of Season Announcement


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Feb 6, 2017
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End of Season Announcement
After a 12 eventful rounds, Season 2 of the AOR Rally Championship is now over. And what a season it has been, we've truly seen it all; cancellations, points reductions, close finishes, and lots and lots of retirements. We are proud to have been able to provide you with this championship, and we hope that every single one of you will sign up for the next season, which'll start in about a month. The sign-ups for this will be opening this week, so keep your eyes on the forum.

First and foremost we'd like to thank everyone who has taken their time to participate in this championship, despite the troubling times we have found ourselves in. It's times like these where we need to show solidarity and truly be a community to one another. In that regard I'd like to remind you all that such a community is always present in the official AOR Discord server (

Pro Tier
After a long back and forth battle between @pedrosilva88 and @JonathanSCH, @JonathanSCH claims the title of ApexOnlineRacing Rally Champion on DiRT Rally 2.0. @pedrosilva88 sadly saw his championship float away after an unfortunate few events at the end of the season. That said, both will be able to lift the Constructors' Trophy, alongside @DamianGC, for WERT Esports, which won in a dominant fashion.

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Sadly we must also say goodbye to some of our Pro Drivers, due to their poor results this season or lack thereof. The drivers which will be handing in their Pro Licenses are as follows:
Rookie Tier
As for the R4 Championship within the Rookie Tier, a similar title struggle has taken place. @Murdock lost his tremendous lead in the last few rounds to an absolutely stunning comeback from @Meloni88 , who up till that point was stuck in the midfield. Therefor @Meloni88 gets to claim the title of AOR Rookie Champion alongside the champion of the R2 Championship.

@Jardier @Culinary and @Valentin Barrier take home the the Constructors' Championship for the Jardier Community Team, with a close lead over the Drive Faster Streamers, @Aaron G, @FusionJohn and @BrothersChris.

Round 12 - Australia.png

On top of these championship victories, a number of drivers from this championship will be granted a Pro License and the ability to participate in Pro Tier Championships in future seasons. These drivers are as follows:

And last but not least, the R2 Championship within the Rookie Tier saw a season-wide battle between @RC staattinen_fi and @VFX1ng, of which @VFX1ng came out victorious, with a reasonable 23 points lead. These two are well on their game, as they've continuously outperformed every single other R2 driver, except @Ranofka, who takes home a cost third place in the championship. In this championship WERT Esports also take the crown for the Constructors' Championship, with @VFX1ng and @IceOneRacing, who have an impressive 157 points lead over second place.

Round 12 - Australia.png

Similarly to the R4 Championship, this championship will also see drivers being promoted to the Pro Tier. These drivers are as follows:
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