AOR Rally - DR2.0 - Season 1 - Round 4 - Germany (Baumholder) |

AOR Rally - DR2.0 - Season 1 - Round 4 - Germany (Baumholder)

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Feb 6, 2017

Welcome to the fourth round of the first season of AOR Rally on DiRT Rally 2.0, where we'll visit the German town of Baumholder, located in the Birkenfeld District in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. This historic and controversial region encompasses areas that are in Germany and in France. Baumholder's countryside is marked by many meadows, fields and woodlands, making for a great variation our rally drivers will have to face during this event.

Due to being located in Germany, Baumholder has quite a bit more precipitation than our previous location Monaro, which makes it ever so likely that you'll see our drivers struggling on the wet tarmac in the Western part of Germany.

Stage Layout
As with every other rally this season, this rally will feature 10 stages, varying from short to long, with the 10th stage being the usual power stage. Unlike other seasons AOR has decided to release the stage list a bit earlier than usual, however the conditions of the stages will remain secret until the action starts.

Stage 1 - Oberstein (11.67km)
Stage 2 - Waldaufstieg (5.39km)
Stage 3 - Kreuzungsring (6.31km)

Service Area - Medium

Stage 4 - Innerer Feld-Sprint (5.56km)
Stage 5 - Verbundsring Reverse (5.85km)

Service Area - Short

Stage 6 - Hammerstein (10.81km)
Stage 7 - Waldabstieg (5.39km)
Stage 8 - Kreuzungsrings Reverse (6.31km)

Service Area - Medium

Stage 9 - Verbundsring (5.85km)
Stage 10 - Innerer Feld-Sprint (umgekehrt) (5.56km)
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Jun 3, 2018
I am away at an actual rally for all of the week beginning 7th October, so won't be able to complete this round. Just giving you the heads up about this