AOR Rally - DR2.0 - Season 1 - Round 5 - United States (New England) |

AOR Rally - DR2.0 - Season 1 - Round 5 - United States (New England)


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Feb 6, 2017

Welcome to the fifth round of the first season of AOR Rally on DiRT Rally 2.0, where we'll visit New England, a region in the northeastern United States composed of six states: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. The region is bordered by the state of New York to the west and by the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec to the north, with the Atlantic Ocean to the east and Long Island to the south.

The physical geography of New England is diverse, being covered by coastal plains, rolling hills and worn-down peaks. During the rally most of the stages will take place in the tree-covered hills coming down from the Appalachian peaks, which make for very fast and somewhat treacherous forest roads over which our drivers have to fight for the trophy.

Stage Layout
As with every other rally this season, this rally will feature 10 stages, varying from short to long, with the 10th stage being the usual power stage. Unlike other seasons AOR has decided to release the stage list a bit earlier than usual, however the conditions of the stages will remain secret until the action starts.

Stage 1 - Beaver Creek Trail Forward (12.86km)
Stage 2 - Hancock Creek Burst (6.89km)
Stage 3 - Fuller Mountain Ascent (6.64km)

Service Area - Long

Stage 4 - North Fork Pass Reverse (12.50km)
Stage 5 - Tolt Valley Sprint Reverse (6.10km)

Service Area - Medium

Stage 6 - Hancock Hill Sprint Reverse (6.01km)
Stage 7 - Fury Lake Depart (6.89km)
Stage 8 - Fuller Mountain Descent (6.64km)

Service Area - Medium

Stage 9 - Beaver Creek Trail Reverse (12.86km)
Stage 10 - Hancock Hill Sprint Forward (6.01km)
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