AOR Rally - DR2.0 - Season 1 - Round 9 - Greece (Argolis) |

AOR Rally - DR2.0 - Season 1 - Round 9 - Greece (Argolis)


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Feb 6, 2017

Welcome to the ninth round of the first season of AOR Rally on DiRT Rally 2.0, where we'll visit Argolis, which is part of the region of Peloponnese, situated in the eastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula and is part of the tripoint area of Argolis, Arcadia and Corinthia.

Argolis features a coastline on the Saronic Gulf and the Argolif Gulf, with many mountain names, most notable the Oligyrtos, Lyrkeio, Ktenia, Arachnaio and Didymo.

Argolis always presents a terribly challenging rally location on the rally calendar, with its stages being capable of severely damaging cars. There are hidden rocks, dusty roads and steep cliffs all over these tight yet fast stages, which'll surely catch a lot of drivers surprised.

Stage Layout
As with every other rally this season, this rally will feature 10 stages, varying from short to long, with the 10th stage being the usual power stage. Unlike other seasons AOR has decided to release the stage list a bit earlier than usual, however the conditions of the stages will remain secret until the action starts.

Stage 1: Perasma Platani (10.69km)
Stage 2: Tsiristra Théa (10.36km)

Service Area - Medium

Stage 3: Anodou Farmakas (9.60km)
Stage 4: Kathodo Leontiou (9.60km)

Service Area - Medium

Stage 5: Fourkéta Kourva (4.80km)
Stage 6: Ampelonas Orni (4.50km)
Stage 7: Ourea Spevsi (5.74km)
Stage 8: Abies Koiláda (7.09km)

Service Area - Medium

Stage 9: Pomona Ékrixi (5.09km)
Stage 10: Koryfi Dafni (4.50km)
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