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Feb 6, 2017
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Media Thread
This media thread serves as the one location for all Pro Tier participants to upload the entirety of their recorded events, with timestamps for every stage whenever possible. Furthermore it'd also be appreciated if the video is uploaded at 2-4x the normal speed, in order to alleviate the time it takes for the stewards to process the recordings. After each event a @DiRT Coordinator (most likely @SereneLogic) will place a divider post, signalling the end of that week's recordings.

These recordings HAVE to be in one of the following camera perspectives: Chase, Cockpit, Hood/Bonnet

Each participant has until the first Friday (23:59PM BST) after an event has ended to send in his/her event recordings. If this deadline isn't met that participant will be given a penalty point. Based on the amount of penalty points, that participant has, the following penalties will be handed out:
1st Offense​
2nd Offense​
+1 minute (to the Power Stage)​
3rd Offense​
+2 minutes (to the Power Stage)​
4th Offense​
+5 minutes (to the Power Stage)​
5th - 6th Offense​
Disqualification from the Event​
7th Offense​
Disqualification from the Championship + Added to the Blacklist​

Note: It's possible to send in Power Stage recordings of the next event before the old deadline has passed, when doing so, make sure to tag @SereneLogic in the message, so that he is aware of the fact.
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Jun 16, 2019

Sidenote: I can't be the only one that falls for that earlier side road around 1:47 that looks like the "Unseen square left" about every time. o_O

Timestamps are in the description

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