AOR Rally League - DIRT Rally 2.0 - Season 3 - Rookie Tier - Media Thread


Semi-Pro Karter
Jan 17, 2020
New Zealand

Was a good home rally for me overall, I wasn't very quick at all but I felt like I had reasonably good control of the car bar a few slips and slides, and an SS1 puncture by bad luck. I definitely made an utter mess of this power stage though, but after the rest of the rally being no real trouble and just at a sedate pace, I'm still pretty happy all-told - especially considering last season in NZ I had to retire in the Group N Impreza with suspension failure.


Semi-Pro Karter
Jul 10, 2020
United States
Forgot to hit record right at the beginning like 3 or 4 seconds are lost in the beginning.. Also, having issues with obs and framerates in the game so I lowered graphics. **** event for me anyway.