AOR Rally League Signup Thread - Season 2 |

AOR Rally League Signup Thread - Season 2

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F1 Senna Equivalent
May 28, 2016
Platform: PS4
Do you understand the league regulations: Yes
Gamertag: Tomahawk-141 and DatteBayo49
Nationality: Both brazilians.

Team Name: Time dos Memes
Driver #1: Tomahawk-141
Driver #2: DatteBayo49
Car: Ford Escort RS
Which one of the two gamertags is yours? And could the other person fill out the signup form too? Thanks :)

Hampus Soderberg

AOR PC Assetto Corsa S4 & RallyCross S1 Champion
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Jan 13, 2014
Consdiering how popular this has been, any chance of a rallycross league?
As DemoN said, it's not being planned atm.

Rallcross is definitely sth I'd personally like to have in the future. There's then 2 possibilities of either runnig Rally and Rallycross at the same time or we take turns of doing a Rally or Rallycross season.

However it will be I'd not expect Rallycross in the next few months atleast. Maybe a good starting step would be to try a social or sth tho. :)
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Rin Hato

AOR Space Race Champion
Oct 17, 2016
Will the constructors championship be pointless because there's so many Subarus? :b
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