AOR Rally - Pro Tier - End of Season Announcement |

AOR Rally - Pro Tier - End of Season Announcement


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Feb 6, 2017

Here we are, at the end of another interesting and if I may say so, a very successful season of rallying on DiRT 4. We've visited the plains of Michigan, went against the most brutal weathers mother nature could throw at us, and we ended up with a champion, both on the drivers' and the constructors' championships. Both championships were highly contested this year, albeit due to some absences from key players, but in the end the champions are as follows:

Drivers' Championship
  1. @izamusing - 121 Points
  2. @Samwich - 108 Points
  3. @Joonaahg - 105 Points

Constructors' Championship
  1. Oscaro eSports - @Joonaahg & @Oscaro_Jose29CR - 186 Points
  2. Mitsubishi eSports Racing Team - @izamusing & @SereneLogic - 151 Points
  3. Puggy WRT - @EpilepticToast & @Nated4wgy - 151 Points

I'd like to thank you all for the wonderful season and I'd love to see you all next season, in which we'll continue the trend of competetive and exciting rallying with only a slight few changes to the format. We'll be introducing a longer season to make up for the few amount of rally locations and we'll be switching to the official WRC Points System.

Furthermore, starting next season, if you end at the bottom of the Pro Tier, you'll be demoted to the Rookie Tier. This doesn't apply for the participants of this year, so don't worry about losing your place amongst the best of the best. ;)

Season 3 Participants

Last but not least I'd like to welcome the following drivers who earned their promotion from the Rookie Tier to the Pro Tier:
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