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DiRT AOR RallyCross League - Season 2 is back!


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Aug 11, 2016

The AOR RallyCross League is set to return for its second season of unique competition on DiRT 4, following a successful inaugural season.

RallyCross racing is arguably the most skilled discipline in Motorsport. It combines rally with circuit racing, and requires ultimate car control to succeed at it. It is renowned for being robust and fierce, and during season one this spicy combination of ingredients managed to provide an excellent spectacle of memorable racing. Therefore it is with delight that the AOR RallyCross league will be returning on Tuesday the 22nd of August!

Season two of the RallyCross league will be featuring new challenges to the drivers, which are assured to further improve the experience and spectacle alike. Having only ran optimal conditions during season one in the dry at midday, this season the drivers will have to cope with different conditions and day times throughout each round of this season's calendar. This should provide us with an even more exciting spectacle, as the drivers need not only battle each other but the elements too in order to reign supreme. The machinery at the drivers’ disposal once again will be the monstrous 600 horse power WRX Super Cars, which offer the ultimate test in circuit racing.

Season two will once again take place on Tuesdays from 8PM UK time, at all five of the licensed WRX locations on DiRT 4. It will again be live streamed by @matt212 on the XB1, and @Ali Kidd on the PS4. Exciting expansions to the coverage of the RallyCross leagues are currently being worked on, and hopefully everything will be confirmed and in place for the start of season two – so watch this space!

In the meantime, you can now sign up for the second season of the RallyCross league on either the Xbox, PlayStation or PC platform, and also relive some of the action from season one from both Matt on Xbox, and Ali on PS4!

And with that, let’s get DiRTy!