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XB1 AOR RallyCross Round 4 - Holjes [25/07/2017 - 8PM UK Time]

James / Infiniti

Formula 3 1st Driver
Mar 14, 2016
@EP3 Murphy the starting order for semi final 1 was incorrect. I was supposed to be 5th but ended up 6th and I'm not entirely happy as because of this i got stuck on the outside and taken out at T1.

the reason i ended up 6th was because someone hit me off on the forming of the order causing me to get a 5 second penalty. wasn't much i could do about it.


Formula 4 1st Driver
Feb 14, 2017
What happened to everyone this forum is dead , what happened in the final etc where did the banter go


AOR XB1 GT3 Elite Champion
Oct 14, 2016
@James / Infiniti
There was no way that I could re-run the semi final when it is completed. If you were hit by someone a stewards enquiry should have been opened and it is now too late to open a steward enquiry on this.
Now as for the wrong starting position, I did not realise you were in the wrong position as I was trying to sort something out with the other lobby on the chat.
If you were unhappy with the starting position you could have contacted me by message or chat before he race started, and I could have redone the warm-up.

Also do you have any footage to show me what happened on the warmup start to see if we can implement something to stop this happening in future

@DemoN F1 can you shed some light on this. See my report to see what happened.


Former Super Mod
Premium Member
Aug 11, 2016
Hello @James / Infiniti.

This has not been formally updated to the rules yet (will be for season two) as this was an unforeseen problem ahead of this league. However, on PS4 twice this season there has been an instance exactly the same as this, where the person in P5 obtains a penalty and as a result starts P6. What has been done is continue with the same order from the first race, so the person P5 is forced to start P6.

There are multiple reasons for this. Firstly, this is a position swap that is relatively insignificant, and only punishes the driver who has failed the rules and obtained a penalty, and therefore has qualified themselves out of position. Secondly, to redo the race to obtain the correct finishing order from the warm up race both adds time to the schedule, and reduces career engineers contracts by 1 more championship event than drivers are expecting. This can lead to drivers losing engineers which cost a lot of credits, which is not fair.

As a result, in an instance like this @EP3 Murphy has done the correct thing in continuing with the same order from the warm up race. The rules will be updated to make this clearer for season two, but for Lohéac, the only solution to this problem is to ensure you do not incur penalties in the warm up race.

The race will not be restarted, and nothing further shall be done as a result of this.