PS4 AOR Renault Megane V6 Trophy League - Livery and Team Registration Thread


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AOR Project CARS 2 Renault Megane V6 Trophy League
Livery and Team Registration Thread

Livery Selection
You are free to choose whichever livery you desire. If you’re planning to run in a team, be sure to choose the same identical liveries

Team Selection
Once you have selected a livery, we recommend you team up with another driver. This is not mandatory, but greatly encouraged.

Regardless of the category, regardless of how high up the ladder a driver goes, there is always one thing that all racers aspire to do - beating their team-mates.

You can choose your team-mate and compete for joint glory under your own team-name!*
*Subject to approval - Vulgar, hateful or offensive names will be disallowed.

There will be a maximum of 2 drivers per team. Team-mates will be required to use the same livery (same design with same number).

If you do not join a team, you will only score points in the Drivers Championship. Drivers who do not join a team at the beginning can create a team later in the season should a new driver join the league wanting a team-mate. All previous points from the established driver will be transferred to the new team.

All Teams must be created by the 2nd round, at which point no new teams may be created as not to interrupt the Teams Championship.

Where possible, we’d like each team to run it’s own unique livery, however we are aware that not all cars have a large variety of liveries to select from. It's first come, first served in regard to livery selection, so get your choices in fast!
Note: In-game liveries must be used, custom liveries are not allowed

Registration Templates
To register your car or team, please sign up using one of the following templates:

Livery registration (To select your livery, reply to the thread with this template)
Name: [Enter your AOR name here]
Livery: [Enter the Livery of preference]

Team registration (To register a team, reply to the thread with this template)
Team Name: [Enter Team Name]
Drivers within Team: [@AORDriver 1 + @AORDriver 2]
Livery: [Enter the Livery of preference]

List of Drivers and Teams registered:

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