AOR Rocket League Championship 2018 - Sign Up Thread |

AOR Rocket League Championship 2018 - Sign Up Thread

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Mar 24, 2017

Introducing the AOR Rocket League Championship on Xbox One, Playstation and PC! This year, we want to make it bigger and better than ever including commentary and livestreams for the competitive rounds in the Championship!

  • Knockout Championships all going towards a Final

  • 2v2 Soccar Private Matches

  • BO5/BO7 Format

  • Winner of match progresses to the next round
  • Match Dates decided by the Competitors and must be completed before the deadline which will be shown on the Calendar released soon.

  • End results must be screenshotted by at least one competitor then posted in the Rocket League Thread (Will be made when Championship setup)

  • All players from each team must turn up to each match

  • If match cannot be played before the deadline, there will be a random team chosen from the match to go into the next round unless there is a team at fault for not turning up to the match.

Private Match Settings
Game mode: Soccar
Arena: One of the following:
  • DFH Stadium
  • Mannfield
  • Urban Central
  • Beckwith Park
  • Utopia Coliseum
  • Wasteland
  • Neo Tokyo
  • Aquadome
  • Starbase Arc
Disclaimer: Champions Field is reserved for the Semi-Finals, Upper Finals, Lower Finals and the Grand Final.

Team Size: 2v2
Bot Difficulty: No Bots
Team Settings: Names may be customised but the colours MUST stay at default.
Mutator Settings:
  • Preset Settings: Custom
  • Match Length: 5 Minutes
  • Max Score: Unlimited
  • Overtime: Unlimited
  • Series Length: Depends on the Round
    • UR1, UR2, LR1, LR2, LR3, LR4: 5 Series
    • SF, F, GF, LR5, LR6, LF: 7 Series
  • Game Speed: Default
  • Ball Max Speed: Default
  • Ball Type: Default
  • Ball Weight: Default
  • Ball Size: Default
  • Ball Bounciness: Default
  • Boost Amount: Default
  • Rumble: None
  • Boost Strength: 1x
  • Gravity: Default
  • Demolish: Default
  • Respawn Time: 3 Seconds
Region: Recommended
Joinable by: Name + Password (Names and passwords will be handed out by Coördinators ahead of time)

Sign-Up Form
In order to sign up to this Championship, you must make an AOR Account on the Forums then reply to this thread with the following information:

Xbox/PSN/Steam ID:
Xbox Gamertag/ PSN/ Steam ID of Teammate:
Team Name:
[Image of a speedtest to a London-based server]

Disclaimer: Signing up to this league means that you have read all the rules and accept that AOR have the right to delete your entry if they feel your entry is insufficient.

If they are any questions, don't hesitate to contact the following people:
: (16)
  • OpticPenguin129 & no scope z3bra - Chonk
  • SV Gorilla & jordy boiiii - Fat Afro
  • KILLIAN2004 & W33JNB (Speed Check Needed) - Vortex
  • FableLegacy & BritBoys2000 - Ez Clap Memmysboys
  • AOR Charlie & JxnahM1693 - ChocoRL
  • im an eagle69 & TheGiant197 - TBC
  • LCR Apex & LCR Leopard - Team LCR
  • flatterpus & THEskills453 (Speed Check Needed) - LetsEatGrandad
  • LCR Hayden & v Vizualize v - Team LCR 2.0
  • Godzini & langman17 - Team Attention
  • Meloni88 & ESR Amazed - The Bloody Awful
  • Absolutlol & plymjess1995 - A&JRocketeers
  • TheChiefs17 & VSR Gravity - Grav
  • shippy1052 & xxxBEASTINGxxx - Chicken Brent FC
  • finnerswinners & BlueFalcon761- Ez Champ 2
  • InsignaGB & DalBiioN (Speed Check Needed) - Massive Horse
PC: (8)
  • Laursen & Apple Burner (Speed Check Needed) - Team GG
  • SyntRL | Twitch & Sgarky - Banana Milkshake
  • Faerge & SereneLogic - The Lowlanders
  • Deerladog & RougeSamurai - ObesEsports
  • Kjgamer3 & matt3159 - ShockWave
  • NathanAvie & Thorn - Stalin’ on em
  • radomirsubzero & Polly - Peya Hacker
  • rlfrosty & LexxaRL (Speed Check Needed) - TBD eSport
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Mar 4, 2017
Xbox Gamertag/ PSN/ Steam ID: SV GORILLA
- Platform: Xbox/ Playstation/ PC: XboX
- Xbox Gamertag/ PSN/ Steam ID of teammate: jordy boiiii
- Team Name: Fat Afro
- Screenshot of an Internet speed check to any London Server (


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Jan 4, 2017
- Steam ID: Faerge
- Platform: PC:
- Steam ID of teammate: SereneLogic
- Team Name: The Lowlanders

- Steam ID: SereneLogic
- Platform: PC:
- Steam ID of teammate: Faerge
- Team Name: The Lowlanders


S15 AOR XB1 F2 Champion
Aug 19, 2017
Steam ID: Kjgamer3
- Platform: PC:
- Steam ID of teammate: matt1358
- Team Name: Shock Oscillations
- Screenshot:
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S14 AOR XB1 F5 Champion
Feb 10, 2017
Xbox Gamertag/ PSN/ Steam ID: im an eagle69
- Platform: Xbox/ Playstation/ PC: Xbox
- Xbox Gamertag/ PSN/ Steam ID of teammate: TheGiant197
- Team Name: I Dont Know
- Screenshot of an Internet speed check to any London Server ( Speeds are quicker on my xbox but lots of things are being used.
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