AOR Rocket League - Season 3 - End of Season announcement |

AOR Rocket League - Season 3 - End of Season announcement


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Jan 4, 2017
The third season of AOR Rocket League has come and gone, and we have found our new AOR Rocket League champions. From the league play starting in May and its conclusion in July where our 8 finalists where found, in 2 month with upsets, and unexpected results, and to the final tournament where huge upsets happened, and an unexpected team had surprised everyone and made it to the final, people have done their best to try and be crowned AOR champions.

To look at the path for our champions, let’s start with the League play results

Having dominated the AOR Championship in late 2018, everyone expected TBD Esports to go through as the 1st seed, but that wasn’t to be, as Stalin’ on Em (@NathanAvie, @Thorn, @TheRiftLive) surprised and managed to go through league play undefeated, and only losing in 4 out of 28 game played. Though they were defeated by Stalin’ on Em, TBD Esports (@Rlfrosty, @Lexxa, @mezzo) still went through as 2nd seed and only lost those 3 games to Stalin on Em as they crushed their way through the rest of the teams. With the pre-season favorites through 1st and 2nd, the tournament’s biggest outsider, Banana Milkshake (@Synt, @Sgarky) went through as expected as the 3rd seed.
With only 8 places for the double elimination finals, 1 team had to leave after league okay, and that battle came to down to a 3-way tie between Rocketfeller Streeters, NWIE and ComeBackMasters, in which ComeBackMasters lost out to the 2 other teams, through having the worst game win lose score, and were thus eliminated before the finals even began, and Rocketfelller Streeters better goal difference put them ahead of NWIE.

With league play finished it was finals time, and it was filled with upsets and a Cinderella story almost come true



The initial quarter finals went as things should, and the top 4 from league play were to be found in the semi-final, and from the semi-final emerged the expected 2 upper finalist, TBD vs Stalin’ on Em, where TBD ended up taking their revenge from league play and swept Stalin’ on Em 4-0 and booked their place into the Grand Final.
The lower bracket round 1 proved no shock, with expected teams Team Shazoo (@oneillrl, @Rwaggy) and TRF Esports going through, but it would be in lower round 2 one of the biggest upsets of the season was to be found, as 5th seeded Team Shazoo upset tournament outsiders Banana Milkshake, defeated the pair of @Synt and @Sgarky 4-3, and booking their way into the lower round 3, where they would face TRF Esports (@SereneLogic, @Faerge), who had defeated Shockwave to make it to lower round 3. From this battle Team Shazoo would once again come out victorious and go on the face Stalin’ on Em in the lower final, where they pulled off the heist of the season, stealing away the Grand Final spot from Stalin on Em and booking their spot in the Grand Final. The Grand Final didn’t become much a thriller as TBD Esports again, like they had done all finals, crushed their opponents, and thus 2nd was what Shazoo ended up in, still beating all expectations, with TBD Esports taking the big crown and can call themselves AOR Rocket League season 3 Champions, congratulations to @Rlfrosty @Lexxa @mezzo

The future plans for AOR Rocket League is that due to busy schedules from both @SereneLogic and myself, we’ll see if the interest is there for a season 4 next summer.

@Peter Hayward