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AOR Rocket League - Season 3 - League Information

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Feb 6, 2017
After the success of the AOR Rocket League Championship of 2018, ApexOnlineRacing is proud to announce the third competitive season of Rocket League since its founding. This season will feature teams of 2 players fight it out in a Round Robin League in order to qualify for the AOR Rocket League Championship of Season 3.

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General Information
League Name: AOR Rocket League – Season 3
Platform: Cross-Platform (XB1, PS4, PC, Switch)
Format: Round Robin Qualifiers into a Double Elimination Tournament
Teams: Minimum of 10 teams
Start Date: Late April/Early May – Subject to change

Format Information
This third season of AOR Rocket League AOR will be featuring a league and a tournament phase. The league will consist of all the signed up teams facing each other team once in a Best of 5 (BO5) series in a Round Robin format. The top 8 teams with the most wins will qualify for the tournament. In case of a tie the Coordinators will look at games won vs. Games lost, if that doesn’t decide it then the tiebreaker will be decided on the teams’ goal differences.

The tournament will be a double elimination tournament in Best of 7 (BO7) series’. The winner of this tournament will be crowned the AOR Rocket League Champion of S3.

Lobby Settings
Each match in the league and the tournament will be played in private matches. These private matches have to be played with a specific set of settings. These settings are as follows:

Game Mode: Soccar

  • DFH Stadium
  • Mannfield
  • Urban Central
  • Beckwith Park
  • Utopia Coliseum
  • Wasteland
  • Neo Tokyo
  • Aquadome
  • Starbase Arc
  • Champions Field
Team Size: 2v2
Bot Difficulty: No Bots
Team Settings:

  • Team Name: Names must be assigned as shown in the weekly schedule threads
  • Team Colours: Default
Mutator Settings:
  • Preset Settings: Custom
  • Match Length: 5 Minutes
  • Max Score: Unlimited
  • Overtime: Unlimited
  • Series Length:
  • League: 5 Series
  • Tournament: 7 Series
  • Game Speed: Default
  • Ball Max Speed: Default
  • Ball Type: Default
  • Ball Weight: Default
  • Ball Size: Default
  • Ball Bounciness: Default
  • Boost Amount: Default
  • Rumble: None
  • Boost Strength: 1x
  • Gravity: Default
  • Demolish: Default
  • Respawn Time: 3 Seconds
Region: Europe
Joinable by: Name + Password as shown in the weekly schedule threads

Scheduling Matches
As with the last tournament AOR organized, scheduling matches will be completely up to the teams that are playing each other. The Coordinators will not force anyone to play at a certain date and time during this league, with the exception of the Finals in the tournament.

At the start of the season the Coordinators will set up a schedule for the league, where every team plays every other team exactly once. They’ll strive to give every team a match every week, with the occasional break, if necessary.

Once the schedule has been released the responsibility of scheduling matches will rest on the participating teams and they’ll always be held responsible if any matches aren’t played. If this is the case the Coordinators will demand all the conversations between the teams to be given to them, with which they’ll decide which team is more to blame for the match not taking place. This team will then receive the loss for the planned matchup and their opponents will receive the win.

Stream Information
Once the match schedule has been released by the Coordinators, you’ll see some matches being indicated as “streamed” matches. These matches are to be scheduled with a Coordinator or a designated Recorder. They’ll then record the match from a spectator’s perspective and upload it as an unlisted video to YouTube. After which @Soupcooler can then use those videos to commentate over them and release the premier of those videos on Tuesday 9PM BST.

As we don’t have unlimited time, not every match can be streamed every week. Therefor the Coordinators will evenly select matches ahead of the season, ensuring each team gets around the same amount of coverage in the league.

Contact Information
If you have any questions, please refer to the @Rocket League Coordinator. The preferred method to contact them is either through the forums or through Discord, however all the available information about them can be seen below:

On top of the Coordinators, this league will also be collaborating with some people, such as dedicated streamers, recorders, etc. These people are:
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