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AOR Rocket League Summer Series


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Jan 4, 2017
Welcome to the first ever AOR Rocket League Summer Series!

AOR Rocket League is happy to present a potentially new way for AOR Rocket League to continue in the future, as we are happy to present something for the summer. With limited travel for many, this means a lot of free time at home. So grab yourself a friend, and get ready for some high octane, high flying fun.

For this time, we will use the help of Some people, mostly those who have ever tried to qualify for RLCS/RLRS will have an idea what this is. For us, it's the first time we are using it to organize a tournament, so we excuse in advance for any and all hiccups and mistakes we may make with this system.

Register for the tournament here:

So in the words of King-Kodiak himself:
Wind the up, and let them go!