AOR RX - DR2.0 - Season 1 - Rules & Regulations |

AOR RX - DR2.0 - Season 1 - Rules & Regulations

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General Information
This thread contains all of the rules that apply to racing in all of the official AOR Rallycross (RX) Leagues. Our rules are in place to help us enforce clean and fair racing in the aforementioned leagues, and these must be respected and followed by every competing driver.

Important Links
League Rules

These rules are designed to promote clean and fair racing in all races of the AOR Rallycross league. In short, driving cleanly and fairly means that any participating driver doesn't exceed the track beyond its limits and doesn't purposefully involve themselves in major on- or off-track incidents.

That said, the organization does understand that accidents, minor or major, can and will happen, as is the nature of racing. However as a driver in our leagues, you are required to do your very best to ensure clean racing at all times.

On top of rules that describe the way one should act on track, this thread also includes rules and guidelines for general behaviour and league participation.

  1. Racing Rules
    • Clean Racing
    • Overtaking
    • Defending
    • Corner Cutting
    • Spatial Awareness
  2. On-Track Regulations
    • In-Game Penalties
    • Being Lapped
    • Jump Starts
    • Pausing the Game
  3. General Behaviour
    • Communication
    • Lobby Etiquette
    • Race Etiquette
    • Rage-Quitting
    • Forum Activity
  4. Participation
    • Missing Races
    • Connection & Lag
    • Pulling out Mid-Season
  5. Rule Enforcement
    • Stewards Panel
    • Penalties
    • Reprimand System
    • Blacklist
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1. Racing Rules
1.1. Clean Racing
The organization realises that Rallycross is a contact sport and that sometimes accidents are unavoidable, but if the organization deems you are at fault for causing a collision, which at least affected one other driver negatively, you are likely to be penalised.

It is deemed illegal to forcefully push another driver off their line in order to overtake him/her. If such an overtake is made, the driver is obliged to give the position back at the earliest opportunity. When a driver doesn’t give back an illegally gained position he/she will be penalized by the organization.
As the chasing car it’s generally your responsibility to not make excessive contact with the car in front. However it’s also the leading car’s responsibility to adhere to all racing standards mentioned in these rules.

It is deemed illegal to forcefully shut the door on a driver attempting to overtake another driver, given the driver attempting the overtake is sufficiently beside the vehicle he/she is attempting to overtake. If a driver ignores this rule he/she will be penalized by the organization.
It is deemed sportsmanlike conduct to always leave space for when someone is trying to overtake, as it’s very likely that, when a driver doesn’t leave the space, either one or multiple drivers will be negatively impacted.

It is deemed illegal, as the leading car, to excessively weave or block the chasing car. As the leading car it is your responsibility to chose a racing line and stick to it, whilst also making sure the chasing car has sufficient time to react to your movement.

It is deemed illegal to deliberately crash into another driver’s vehicle. This includes using another driver’s vehicle as a brake, or ignoring the driver in front of you when attempting to take the joker. Any driver found doing this will be severely punished by the organization and likely permanently excluded from the league.
The above rules still applies even if connection issues are the cause of the incident, given it was obvious that your connection was at fault for the incident.

1.2. Corner Cutting / Exceeding Track Limits
In order to make it as fair as possible we, the organization, will let the game take care of most penalties related to track extensions or corner cutting.

In certain case the game’s penalty system will not be sufficient enough to maintain track limits and the Coordinator reserves to right to hand out 5 or 10 second penalties based on the track extension or corner cut.
In the cases where the above rule is in effect, the Coordinator will be required to post a warning/announcement detailing the specific track limits on the schedule thread of that specific event.

An overtake is deemed illegal if a driver overtakes another driver with all four of his/her wheels are off the track, either before, during or after the overtake.

If a driver reports another driver to the stewards for a breach of the corner cutting rules, it is up to the steward’s discretion, which will be based on the evidence provided by both parties, as to whether they deem the driver to have abused the track limits to an extend to where a penalty is justified, and if so what type of penalty is appropriate for the offense. The type of penalty will depend on the severity and the frequency of the corner cuts.
It is deemed wise to make sure that you are never gaining time from leaving the track, by either not leaving the track at all, or slowing down appropriately after the offense.

If one or more of the aforementioned track limit rules are broken, the organizers are at liberty to distribute one of the following punishments:
  • Warning
    • The organizers will issue an official warning towards the drivers. If this warning is not heeded, more severe actions will be taken.
  • Penalty
    • The organizers will award a penalty, usually in the form of a time penalty, to the driver. Actions such as exceeding track limits and reckless driving will often result in a time penalty.
  • Disqualification
    • The organizers will disqualify a driver from a race. This action is usually taken when a driver hasn't responded to previous warnings or changed his/her ways after being given a penalty. If a driver shows remarkably reckless driver, he/she may also be disqualified without being given a warning or penalty.
  • Removal
    • The organizers will remove a driver from the event. This action is taken when someone shows no intend to follow the rules. This can be in the form of repetitive reckless driving, taking out drivers, or exploiting to gain advantages.

1.3. Spatial Awareness
As a racing driver it is very important that one is aware of where the other cars around him/her are. Therefor you should always be aware of the space around your car, especially during starts and on-track battles.

It is deemed important to be aware of your surroundings when entering or exiting the joker, as it’s possible you’ll be crossing paths with another vehicle.
Upon entering or exiting the joker, it is your responsibility as the driver taking the joker, to make sure you’re safely leaving and entering the normal track limits.
If a collision occurs at the entry or exit of the joker, the Coordinator and the Stewards will deal with it as if it was a normal collision, with the exception of the driver entering or exiting the joker being held more responsible as he/she was taking an alternate racing line.

It is deemed illegal to rejoin the track in an aggressive and careless manner if a driver ventures off-track, due to either a mistake or an incident. It’s the responsibility of the driver that is rejoining the track to do so safely and ensure no other drivers are endangered by his/her actions.

If a driver spins the car on track, it is recommend that he/she acts swiftly and safely to remove his/her vehicle from the racing line. Furthermore it’s his/her responsibility to make sure, if humanly possible, that there is enough space for the other drivers to pass.

1.4. Coordinator Actions
The Coordinator in charge of the event reserves the right to hand out penalties at his/her discretion, in order to keep the event as fair as possible for everyone included.

The Coordinator will most often hand out 5 or 10 second penalties, depending on the offense. In very severe case the Coordinator has the right to remove a driver from the event in its entirety.
If a driver deems a penalty handed out by a Coordinator is unjust, then he/she has the right to bring that matter to the Stewards, within a day of the penalty being served.

If the Coordinators deems a race invalid, by either something that a driver did, severe connection issues or game-breaking bugs, he/she will declare the race invalid and will demand a restart.
If a situation has become severe enough, the Coordinator will declare the whole event invalid and will reschedule it to be redone at the end of the season.
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2. On-Track Regulations
2.1 In-Game Penalties
As stated in 1.2, the organization will, for the most part, leave the penalizing of things such as track limits to the game. This is in order to ensure that penalties are handed out as consistently as possible.

If you feel the game has awarded you an unfair time penalty, you can apply for a penalty removal with the Coordinator in charge of the event or in severe cases, the Stewards Panel after the race. More information can be found in 5.1.

2.2. Being Lapped
When a driver is being lapped, it is their responsibility to let the leaders through safely at the earliest opportunity, where you block them as little as humanly possible.

2.3. Jump Starts
When a driver moves off the grid before the red lights go out, the game will award him with a 20 second time penalty.

The Coordinator in charge of the event has the power to declare a restart of the race following a jump, lag or desync’d start. This is due to the potential of particularly tight Rallycross grids having the potential to cause accidental incidents or unfair advantages following the significant disparity in launch times.
If the Coordinator decides to restart a race after a jump start, he/she will hand out a 20 second time penalty to the driver that jumped the red lights.

2.4. Failing to take the Joker
Every driver in a Rallycross race is required to take the joker at least one time per race. If a driver fails to do so, the game will hand them a 30 second time penalty. This penalty cannot be reversed in any way possible.

2.5 Pausing the game
If a driver paused the game, he/she is still responsible for his/her vehicle while the game is paused, and any incidents or dangerous situations caused as a result of this will be penalised as normal.
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3. General Behaviour
3.1. Communication
During and inbetween events all drivers will have access to an official game chat for DiRT Rally 2.0 in the official AOR Discord server, which will serve as the official game chat for discussing everything related to the championship.

All drivers are required to follow all rules listed in the AOR Discord server. If a driver is found breaking these rules he/she will be removed from the server and thus will lose his/her right to participate in the AOR Rallycross league, as at the very least being present in the official AOR Discord server is mandatory for all participating drivers.
There also is a voice channel at our disposal within the AOR Discord server, however it’s not mandatory to be in there with a working microphone. That said, the above rule also applies to this voice channel.

3.2. Lobby Etiquette
During events it is necessary that all drivers and staff members adhere to the lobby etiquette or risk removal from the lobby or in severe cases the leagues.

Shouting, name-calling and generally speaking rudely is unacceptable. Drivers who are found to have a disruptive influence in the lobby will be penalised accordingly.

It’s mandatory to respect every single driver and staff member in the lobby. Try to keep a friendly atmosphere in the lobby and always treat your fellow drivers as equals, regardless of whether they’re slower or faster than you.

All drivers and staff members are to respect the Coordinator at all times. When a Coordinator is speaking it is required that you’re actively listening and not interrupting him/her.
Any and all decisions the Coordinator makes are to be accepted at that moment in time. If you feel any actions/decisions are wrong then you can calmly and maturely address the issue. These decisions are final within the race event, but may be reviewed later if you feel an error has been made.
Please take into consideration that the Coordinator is dealing with a lot of things at once, and that making split-second decisions can be very tricky considering the circumstances. Therefor any mistakes that happen shouldn’t be weighed too heavily on the Coordinator, as it’s entirely natural to make mistakes under such circumstances.

Only the Coordinator or the lobby host, after receiving permission from the Coordinator, can start the race. We, the organization, ask you, as a driver, to be patient and wait for this moment to happen. This is to ensure that all drivers are present and all requirements have been met.
Once a race is finish, please stay in the lobby until either the lobby host or Coordinator leaves or gives you permission to leave. This is to make sure that all necessary screenshots have been taken and all results have been processed.
In the case that a screenshot hasn’t been taken or results can’t be processed, the race is declared null and void and is to be restarted immediately.

3.3. Race Etiquette
During races all drivers are required to maintain a certain etiquette. If this etiquette is broken then that driver will be punished appropriately.

If you are involved in an on-track incident, do not overreact. We understand it can be frustrating, but you need to stay calm and get on with the race. Losing out due to another driver’s mistake or recklessness is no excuse for retaliation or breaking the rules yourself.

If another driver does something, that in your professional opinion, is against the rules, report it to the Coordinator after the race. He/She will then proceed to deal with the situation that has been brought to his/her attention.

If you’re having a bad race, do not act foolishly. As a driver, you have to accept that some races will be better than others and that luck can not always be in your favour. If you unable to enjoy the racing due to not always being at the front, this league is not the place for you – there are many drivers in this league, and not everyone can be the fastests.

3.4. Rage Quitting
It is against the rules to quit the race in any way, whether that is by quitting through the menu, deliberately crashing or getting yourself disqualified.

The only acceptable conditions for quitting a race early is when you are posing a danger to other drivers on the track due to poor driving or connection issues.

3.5. Forum Activity
In order to be a driver in the AOR Rallycross league, you need to be an active member of the AOR forums, meaning you have to stay up-to-date with the relevant threads and post made in regards to this league. There is no excuse to missing information that has been posted on the forum.

Repeatedly being unaware of what’s been said on the forums will result in removal from the league

As a member of AOR, you are expected to behave in a respectful manner on the AOR forums, just as in the Discord server and in the race lobbies. Please avoid name-calling, bating and other behaviour that is intended to aggravate other members of the community.


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4. Participation
4.1. Missing Races
If a driver is unable to attend a race, they have to give make sure the Coordinator has been officially informed of your absence before the race starts. It is your responsibility that the Coordinator is aware that you are not racing.

When informing the Coordinator of your absence, a proper reason must be given as to why you can not attend the event. Reasons such as not liking a track or not giving a reason at all will be marked as an uninformed absence.

When informing the Coordinator of your absence, it must be you who contacts the Coordinator. This is not something someone can do for you. Not informing the Coordinator personally will be marked as an uninformed absence, with the exception of very serious circumstances, such as hospitalization.

If the Coordinator marks a driver down for an uninformed absence, they will be given a reprimand. As per the reprimand system, see 5.4., accumulating 2 reprimands would see you removed from the league.

In the likelihood that you’re unable to attend a race, it’s strictly forbidden to have someone else race in your stead. Upon finding out the Coordinator will immediately and indefinitely remove you from the league.

4.2. Connection & Lag
An unfortunate side-effect of online racing is that is requires you to have a stable connection, which is critical to being able to race closely with other cars. Whilst we understand that having a stable connection is often out of your control, we reserve the right to remove a driver from the league if their connection is persistently causing major issues for other drivers.

To be accepted into the league, your connection’s ping towards a server located in the UK, needs to be lower than 100ms.
At times we may also give drivers with a ping up to 150ms a chance, but o a trial bias until it’s proven that their connection can meet the requirements set by the organization.

4.3. Pulling out Mid-Season
If you have to pull out of the league when the season is still ongoing, you are required to inform the Coordinator about your situation. If you do not inform the Coordinator and simply stop showing up for races then you will be placed on the blacklist, meaning you will not be allowed to rejoin the league in the future.


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5. Rule Enforcement
5.1. Stewards Panel
The Stewards Panel forum can be used to report incidents and other rule violations that occur in a race. A proper explanation and evidence of the incident must be provided in order for it to be investigated. This will then be looked into by various members of the DiRT Team and appropriate action will be taken.

A driver can make stewards enquiries for:
  • Racing incidents: If you feel another driver has caused an incident - eg. hitting your car, forcing you off the track, rejoining the track unsafely, or generally driving too aggressively, you should report this to the stewards for investigation.
  • Corner cutting: If you witness another driver is persistently gaining time by abusing the track limits, you should report this to the stewards for investigation.
  • Removing an unfair time penalty: If you receive a time penalty from the game, and you feel this was awarded unfairly, you can make an enquiry for the penalty to be removed. When making such an enquiry, you need to provide evidence of the penalty being applied. Evidence can be either in the form of video footage, or a picture of the post-race race director screen showing what the penalty was for and the time of when it was applied. Any appeals without this will be dismissed.
Note that there is a time limit of 2 days (48 hours) after the race has finished to make a stewards enquiry for an incident you have been involved in or witnessed during the race. If any new rule violations come to light through videos after this time, it is still possible to report this, but only if this violation is something that would not have been visible to other drivers in the race at the time that it happened.

5.2. Penalties
The stewards have a variety of penalties that may be applied to punish drivers who break our racing rules, depending on the severity of the violation. The available penalties are sorted below, in order of severity. Breaking a rule also leads to penalty points being added to your name - see further down for more details.
  • Time penalties
  • Points reductions
  • Heat bans
  • Event bans
Any penalties will be aimed at the person who has done wrong - we cannot compensate anyone else as a result of someone's actions. All penalties are discussed by the Stewards Panel (consisting of the members of the DiRT Team - Admins, Moderators and Coordinators - from all platforms) before being issued and the driver will always be informed of the outcome. The Stewards Panel is completely neutral and will not include anyone who may be affected by the incident in question.

Also the penalties might be harsher than in other leagues but this season is also shorter so keep that in mind.

5.3. Reprimand System
While the race penalties and penalty points system are aimed at dealing with on-track issues, the reprimand system deals with issues that may occur off the track.

It's simple - if you receive 2 reprimands, you're out. Receiving 2 reprimands would also see you placed on the blacklist, meaning you will not be allowed to return to the leagues in the future.

You can receive a reprimand for the following:
  • No-showing a race without giving prior notice to the League Coordinator
  • Rage-quitting or deliberately crashing out of the session for no good reason
  • Showing abusive behaviour towards another driver, either in the race lobby or on the forum
Note that if we encounter situations where someone's behaviour gets completely out of hand and is extremely serious, a ban may be applied directly regardless of reprimands accumulated.

5.4. Blacklist
The blacklist contains the names of drivers who have been removed from the leagues - through 2 reprimands or continual incidents - and drivers who have left the leagues during an ongoing season with no good reason.

Having your name applied to the blacklist generally means you will not be allowed to rejoin the leagues in the future.
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