PS4 - AOR RX Lites S1 - PS4 - Bonnocbera Road Circut [16/01/2019 8:00pm] |

PS4 AOR RX Lites S1 - PS4 - Bonnocbera Road Circut [16/01/2019 8:00pm]

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Formula 4 1st Driver
Sep 8, 2018
Q: shoulda, coulda, woulda

R1: Good battles! P6.

R2: spun in first corner by my own mistake, fun catching up and good back-and-forth racing. P7.

Season: And I thought GT3 is exiting...
Never had so much fun, prepping, whilst or after racing (watching the commentated stream). Superb format, hope u keep it going!
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DiRT Coordinator
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DiRT Coordinator
Feb 20, 2017
At the beginning of the season I was quite apprehensive of moving from the coms box to the grid but I can say that my first full season in AOR exceeded my expectations tenfold. Never expected to get any podiums never mind 4! Just want to say a massive congrats to @VP_Kamikazee for the championship,thoroughly deserved and also to @VP_SirRacealot for the fight you put up. Thanks for the sweat sessions aswell lads! Can't forget @AOR Davidben for the Trojan work of the organising of the events. Top job! And lastly to my boys @A.O.R Evildragon and @vectro666 for the awesome coms work. I'm sure you enjoyed the action as much as I did on track. Promise im going back to coms. Thanks a lot everyone and I for one hope we get another championship like this in the future


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Sep 11, 2016
Massive thanks to you all for participating in this league. When we started this league I didn't know if it would be an success or an complete disaster. Now that the last race has been done I think we could look back at some great battles and lots of fun :)

@VP_Kamikazee congratulations for the win and you really deserved the title (y)
@AOR Davidben thanks for coordinating this league (y)
@A.O.R Evildragon & @vectro666 thanks for doing the streaming and commentating for this league. You guys did a great job (y)