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PC AOR S17 PC Assist 1 - Main Thread


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Feb 13, 2017
AOR PC Assists 1 League - Season 17
Main Thread

This is the main thread for the AOR PC Assist 1 League - here you can chat about anything related to the league!

General Information:

Race Day: Sunday
Start Time: 8:00pm (UK time)

League Rules
League Information
Race Calendar

League Coordinator(s): @RebornDestroyer
Lobby Host: @RebornDestroyer
Backup host(s): @Schwalbe

● Voice Chat: AOR Discord Server (PC leagues only)

Drivers and Teams:

Drivers and teams will be added here after the car selection process has been completed!

  1. @karnak07 - karnak07 - Italian - #81

  1. @Skiadr - Skiadr - Polish - #70
  2. @DaddeRaga - DaddeRaga - Italian - #69

Red Bull
  1. @Schwalbe - SchwaLbe - German - #46
  2. @SwaggyEggy - Stefinator - Dutch - #37

Force India
  1. @Curtois - ForceSkoda - British - #6
  2. @Realnmk - Real - Dutch #22

  1. @RRG_AimGod - AimGod 76561198426553818 - English

  1. @Ponty - Ponty - British - #24
  2. @legendmdi - Legendmdi - German - #83

Toro Rosso
  1. @Shaddi - AiR Shaddi - German - #84
  2. @SilversRayleigh - SilversRayleigh - German - #61

  1. @Kereka - Kereka - Turkish - #43
  2. @RebornDestroyer - AOR RebornDestroyer - Belgian - #15

  1. @F1Broodje - XLR8 Broodje - Dutch - #13
  2. @Mute - Mute - Dutch - #82

  1. @spawnieSTAR - spawnieSTAR - American - #99
  2. @horvi181 - MS horvi181- Hungarian - #12
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Feb 13, 2017
Lobby Host/Co-ordinator wanted!

Hello everyone, and welcome to S17! For those of you new here, I'm Maddog, and I generally help oversee things to do with PC assist leagues.

Before we get the season fully started on Sunday, we need 3 things - car selection, which is underway, and a lobby host and co-ordinator.

The lobby host essentially has to be someone with good internet, who will need to make sure the lobby settings are the same as the league rules dictates. If you think your internet connection is up to it, then send me a PM. @RebornDestroyer I know you hosted a lot last season so I'd be happy for your help again, but anyone else's help as backup would be appreciated.

The other thing we need is a league co-ordinator. The coordinator would need to be someone who is reasonably active on the forum, and who is trustworthy and mature, and can communicate properly (preferably also in the voice chat on Discord). You'd be taking care of general league tasks such as posting race threads (basically copy-pasting a template), updating results into our automated standings tables, keeping track of driver no-shows, and generally overseeing the league forum and the race lobby on race nights. The coordinator will also be the main contact-person for the drivers if anyone has any issues or concerns, and then reporting stuff back to us admins/mods.

The coordinator would get access to a coordinator forum where things can be discussed privately between staff members and all the other F1 cods, and therefore also get to have a direct say in the planning/running of the leagues. It's up to you exactly how much you feel like being involved in that aspect, but we expect the general league tasks to at least be taken care of.

If you feel like your up to the task, drop me a PM and I'll answer any more questions you have. That's all for now, head on over to the car selection thread if you haven't already done so. Good luck for the first race on Sunday :)

@Shaddi @Skiadr @Schwalbe @Kereka @RebornDestroyer @spawnieSTAR @karnak07 @SwaggyEggy @horvi181 @Curtois @DaddeRaga @F1Broodje @jordb94 @SilversRayleigh @babouras @Luka @ayrton82 @Ponty


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Sep 10, 2018
Its finally going down, glad that many of the drivers last season stayed

Good luck guys(y)
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F1 Coordinator
Sep 6, 2018
My vote of confidence is also for @RebornDestroyer. If he can hold the burden to keep everybody in check. ;)
#GiveMaddogHisJobBack @Maddog40 but i would say @RebornDestroyer would be the perfect coordinator if he is done with that Budapest FakeTaxi thing
Thanks for the confidence boost guys!
@Maddog40 Yes, I indeed hosted 90% of all the races last season. I thought that went pretty well and that everyone was quite happy with the connection, setup of lobby and so on, so I would definitely like to host the races again. Last time I had a 100% show up rate, although I might, just maybe, miss one or two races because of things I have planned and that are going on. So indeed a backup host would be handy, so I can inform them beforehand.

About the coordinator role:
I will look into this. Seeing how HaiCo did things last season has had me learning quite a bit about coordinating, so I would be much more confident to do it this season. I had to sometimes take over some of his tasks and that seemed alright. It's a huge responsibility however and matching HaiCo's or Maddog's skills will be very difficult as a first time host.
But seeing the encouragements here really cheers me up.

So if no-one else with more confidence or experience in hosting is around for this league, I will arrange things probably. I'll just wait it out a bit more before PM'ing you Maddog, but not too long so it isn't becoming something of a problem for you.
So I'll see what happens, but otherwise I'm up for coordinating.


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Feb 13, 2017
Driver Update

@Mute has been moved up to AL1 from AL2, welcome! He will take the bottom priority for car selection.


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Feb 13, 2017

@RebornDestroyer will become your co-ordinator for this season! Make sure to add him on steam as he will be the one sending out invites on race night. He'll also be your main port of call for issues on and off the track, and he's also the guy to tag in stewards enquirers. Try not to make his life too difficult ;)

He'll also be the main host for the season, so it's extra important you add him on your steam friends list :p Any offers for back up host will be appreciated.

That's all the admin out the way, good luck for tommorow :)

@Shaddi @Skiadr @Schwalbe @Kereka @RebornDestroyer @spawnieSTAR @karnak07 @SwaggyEggy @horvi181 @Curtois @DaddeRaga @F1Broodje @jordb94 @SilversRayleigh @babouras @Luka @ayrton82 @Ponty @Mute


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F1 Coordinator
Sep 6, 2018
Thanks @Maddog40 for the nice introduction.
So yes, I'll be your coordinator for this season. Hopefully we can make for a nice season.

As mentioned above, be sure to add me on Steam, ID: "AOR RebornDestroyer", from Belgium.
I'll be inviting you guys for the lobby. If I would have any major delays of at least 4 hours when travelling home from my vacation, which is not likely, it will probably someone else like @Schwalbe.
(I'll let you know in time schwalbe if it is the case, otherwise everything will be as usual).

For the race night coming up some practical arrangements:
  1. Make sure to be at least 15 minutes online before the session start, because it is the first race of the season.
  2. You will get an invite from me that you will have to accept and then you join the lobby.
  3. You will have to wait with readying up until I give the signal via the Discord server or when I ready up myself.
  4. Then we start the session. So race safely but fast and have fun.
So for those who didn't know already: We have a dedicated Discord server. We have a separate channel per league, ours is obviously the AL1 channel.
I would highly recommend to join this during the race session. I will also be active in there and will provide information when necessary and will give some instructions as well.
Definitely also make sure to not have your voice transmitted in-game, as this can be very annoying for those who didn't mute.

I want to position myself as very approachable, so definitely don't hesitate when you would have any questions, comments, remarks or issues that have to do with our league. You can easily find me here on the forums via a PM, as well as on Discord with the my tag AOR RebornDestroyer on our AOR server. Steam messages are less handy for me, and I often forget about them.

Then there only rests me to wish you all a good race, drive safely (cmonn it's still the first race guys! And primarily: have fun!