PS4 - AOR S18 F5 - Round 5 - Spain - 8/9/19 @8PM UK |

PS4 AOR S18 F5 - Round 5 - Spain - 8/9/19 @8PM UK


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Apr 4, 2015
Round 5 - Spanish Grand Prix
AOR Hype Energy F1 Leagues - Season 18

Race Information:
Date: Sunday 8th September 2019
Start Time: 8:00pm (UK time)
Circuit: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
Laps: 33

Please try to be online at least 10 minutes before the start time, and await the lobby invite from the League Coordinator and/or the lobby host. Also please ensure your internet connection is in an optimal state at the time of racing.

Rules & regulations: Before you take to the track in the league race, make sure you are fully aware of the rules & regulations of the leagues. As a driver in our leagues, you are required to do your very best to ensure clean and fair racing at all times.

Lobby settings: If you are unsure about the lobby settings that will be used for the race, look here.

No-shows: If you are unable to attend the race, please inform the League Coordinator and leave a post in this thread BEFORE the race takes place. Note the rules of participation here.

Useful Links:
League Rules
League Information
Race Calendar

Confirmed no-shows:
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Feb 24, 2019
Sorry but I'll not be able to race too. Didn't even get to do a single lap. I'll have my last exam of the session tomorrow then i'll be free till January. See you guys next week


Jan 13, 2014
Qualifying - 4th

Well after a Saturday spent going out drinking I didn't expect anything here to be honest and it was no surprise I ended up where I did. Managed to do a 17.7 on mediums on Friday with some improvements to be made but hungover me had different plans. 18.2 was all I could scrape from that.

Race - 2nd

Had an okay start and kept my position through the first couple of corners. Noticed I had the pace on @Hamres22 and on lap 3 I tried to overtake him into turn 1 but being on the outside I had to tuck back in. On the next lap though I got the run and overtrook him for 3rd. @robin8f was overtaken at the start by @Bankai_Bullett who started on the softs and couldn't get straight back past and this allowed me to cruise up to the back of them. Bankai pitted on lap 5 so didn't have to overtake him on track. From then on I just kept my position, @Walsh89- and @maxou13-12 were around 3 seconds behind and Robin infront was untouchable from the get go. Maxou passed Walsh about 23 or 24 laps into the race and he set sight after me. It was solid work on the communication side of things as I knew from me teammate that Maxou had a 3 sec penalty so I tried to back him up the last couple of laps so that Walsh could finish 3rd with myself in 2nd. It worked and it was a good result in the end.

All in all maximum points really, Robin is in a different league so 2nd will do me absolutely fine. Still a lot to improve but hopefully that'll come as the season progresses. Well done Robin that was a masterclass once again and also congrats to my teammate for the podium. Great pace at the end there Maxou, you had a good one. See you all in Monaco for the Crashtest Grand Prix :)

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Jan 14, 2014
Qualifying: 5th

Fairly happy with my lap to be honest, lost a tenth and a half in turn 13 snatching the inside front which cost me 3rd probably but overall my qualifying was better than previous races.

Race: 3rd

Got a better start than my teammate but had to be careful into turn 1 and then got a ridiculous amount of understeer through turn 3 in the dirty air which gave Maxou a chance up the inside of turn 4, I held on around the outside and had the inside for turn 5. Maxou braked later than me and I just tried to hug the inside, I think there was a slight touch between us but nothing major and on the exit with high ers I managed to hold on and slot in behind my teammate.

Followed the cars in front until Hamres started to struggle, seemingly after the race he said he had an issue with his wheel that meant he ended up with no ERS. Cobra overtook him and then on the following lap I was very close through sector 3 but completely messed up the final chicane. I was focused on defending from Maxou behind and using Hamres' slipstream to hold the Toro Rosso off but towards the end of the straight the run I got on Hamres was insane and I went down the outside of him into turn 1, Maxou went inside him I think so it was sort of like Hakkinen and Schumacher from Spa 2000.

After that I was running P3 once Bankai had pitted behind my teammate by just over a second. Maxou was still in my DRS and no matter what I did I couldn't shake him and I also couldn't quite get in Cobras DRS to help defend. I decided to pit a little earlier than planned as my tyres seemed to be going off on lap 12, Maxou reacted to me pitting and dived in as well.

We rejoined and I was just ahead of Bankai and Maxou slotted in behind him. I thought this may be my chance to break away but Bankai on the mediums was able to stay within DRS range for the next couple of laps. I think he missed his braking point slightly on lap 14 and I felt a small tap on my right rear, fortunately it wasn't enough to spin me. Maxou used that opportunity to overtake Bankai and although I was 1.1 seconds ahead Maxou managed to close that down again and get back within my DRS.

I just kept focused on getting a good exit out of the final chicane and then ran rich and overtake down the main straight and although he was clearly faster I felt without a mistake I could hold him off.

Unfortunately for me I made the crucial error on around lap 21 or 22. I got a poor run out of turn 9 and knew I would have to defend the inside into turn 10, for some reason I tried to outbreak Maxou into the corner and made a mess of it, locked up badly and he got an easy switch back on me. I tried to keep up with him in his DRS once he passed me but made another mistake into turn 10 two laps later which put me over a second behind.

The rest of the race I was just pushing hard to stay within 3 seconds as my engineer told me Maxou had a penalty. Maxou was very quick though and was closing on my teammate pretty quickly as well. The gap quickly got up to around 1.9 seconds and I figured I had no chance at staying within the 3 seconds but picked up my pace and held the gap around 2.2 seconds for a few laps.

Maxou got within Cobras DRS and managed to get the gap to 2.5 seconds on the penultimate lap thanks to the slipstream in S1 but I was able to set my personal best on the last lap which allowed me to close back to around 2.1 seconds and I took the final podium spot with a little help from my teammate through S3 of the last lap.

Congrats to @robin8f on another dominant win and @AERO_Cobra on second and a solid result for Renault. Great pace @maxou13-12 and a really good battle for over 20 laps.

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Apr 4, 2015
Hoped more people would try the 2-stop... but I stuck with it as I was more comfortable on it than the 1-stop.

Had some battling up and down the grid through-out the race. Got killed by the kink twice... lost a potential P8 because of it.

Props to @maxou13-12 for some brave side-by-side action... also good battling with @xUndefinedF1. Seems to be a running theme this season.



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Nov 27, 2016
Qualifying - P7
Started off with a two lap run on the Soft tyre to set some banker times before setting a time on the Hard tyre. Finished qualifying with a lap on the Medium tyre but it didn't go well. Think I lost the time at T4 and/or T5 mainly, maybe T13 too but anyway. Finished qualifying with a 1:18.560 to claim P7.

Had a nice pattern going for qualifying with the previous results being in the order of P7, P6, P5 and P4. P3 I think was actually doable but ah well. There goes that pattern! Haha.

Race - P8
The start was fine as I maintained position while almost getting P6 in the opening few corners. @Walsh89- and @maxou13-12 went side by side through T5 which allowed me a good chance to follow Walsh through past Maxou. Unfortunately I didn't get the space at T7 and was sent into a spin and off the track. To add to the misfortune, there's a wall that sticks out a bit which is of course where I ended up near haha... So I couldn't just spin the car around, so that caused me to spend more time to get back on track. On the plus side though, I didn't have any damage so I didn't need to pit. Safe to say I now had a challenge on my hands now that I was at the back in P15!

Gained my first position on Lap 3 after it looked like @Heaxxy hit the wall on the exit of T9. Caught up to @rich500 on Lap 5 who ended up cutting T8 and dipping onto the gravel a bit. That was actually a close one as I don't think I expected them to go slow, so I just narrowly avoided hitting them and actually ended up just making the pass legally with half my car off the track haha. Lap 7 I caught my teammate @Roadhouse who very kindly let me through at the end of the start/finish straight. I was now into P11 with a 6 second gap to the car ahead which ended up being @TheTubbyNinja who had something happen on Lap 10, which cost them a position ahead and cut the gap down to me to about 3 seconds. Pitted on Lap 13 which didn't go smoothly as I seemed to hit a bump or something and almost lost the car entering the pit lane haha. I actually made slight contact with the pit wall but thankfully no damage. Didn't have any of that happen before haha. I then left the pits in P14 on the Hard tyre.

I was now around 1.5 seconds behind @TheTubbyNinja until we caught up to @rich500 which put me on the back of them both. We both overtook Rich on the start/finish straight starting Lap 18 and I was now within 5 tenths of TubbyNinja. They didn't have a good final chicane and again on the start/finish straight, overtook TubbyNinja to gain P12 at the time. Next up were @xUndefinedF1 and @QVR_Maladictis who were 3 seconds ahead. Lap 22 and I had a good run on Kasper on the exit of T10 and actually attempted to go around the outside of T12 before I ran out of space and had to tuck in behind again. During the run up to that attempted move, QVR ahead had actually lost control and went off at T12! I then proceeded to pass Kasper at the end of the start/finish straight to put myself into P8! @Hasnain was next with a 6 second gap but I ran out of laps. Closed the gap to about 3.5 seconds but in the end had to settle with P8.

Not the ideal situation being spun on the first lap, but it did make for an interesting and challenging race! Glad I could get back into the points and finish there. I think the incident cost me about 15-20 seconds, so going based just on that, I'd have been around P5. A shame but ah well.
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Jan 1, 2017
Quali was 4 tenths quicker than what I managed in RD so was relatively pleased with the time even though the lap didn't feel great. Had a bit of a battle with Kaspar (amongst others) in the first stint but it was just a catalogue of us 2 both making mistakes meaning the other got through. Nothing much happened in the second stint and in the end P7. A clean race and I don't think I had the pace for anything higher.

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Jun 29, 2019
complicated race for me I had a setup that was very good in the corners but very slow in a straight line
I stayed the whole race behind the Renaults with a better pace but not possible to pass them
gg a robin really very fast bravo respect man
I'm going to try to go back to the championship in monaco but you're going to have to be lucky to survive
my highlights :
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