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XB1 AOR S18 XB1 Assist 2 League - Main Thread


F1 Race Winner
Mar 29, 2017
Little bit annoyed. Lapped cars not getting out of the way conviently. Pitstop mishap due to a disconnected teammate. But I will take P2. Congrats to @kogoda for the win. Truly deserved.


Formula 3 1st Driver
Sep 25, 2018
So I got a drive-through during the VSC which meant I had to pit again the lap after. Looking back, I now realised that I was not looking at the delta, but instead just looking at the time until I got a penalty thinking that was the delta saying to myself, "Ah yeah, that's coming down, I'll be grand". I don't know if that made way too much of a difference in the end as I wasn't really catching KaiBosh in front.


Formula 4 1st Driver
Apr 16, 2017
Not sure how its a penalty when:
1) I'm on the racing line
2) It's Lap 1 Turn 1
3) It's pissing it down
4) You were clearly going deep

I just find it odd that the two people who asked for the verdict to be given a bit quicker were punished


F1 Multiple Race Winner
Aug 30, 2018
Didn’t actually go that deep as braked early for the corner as I always do. Not quite sure how no penalty for the rest but then I’m not a steward so....