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XB1 AOR S18 XB1 Assist 2 League - Main Thread


Formula 4 1st Driver
Sep 25, 2018
there was a storm yesterday and I lost power 3 times at the house once in middle of qualifing. a terrible start and needed a new wing on lap 1. I was about 40secs behind. got very lucky with strategy 1 set of inters until slicks think I was first in and it just dried up. pushed as hard as I could to catch @Hydranockz burnt out my tyres and was lucky to keep 5th in the end.
Oh yeah, I got the call to change strategy just after passing the pit lane! I saw you sneak in alright. Wasn't convinced about the line being dry enough for me by that point though.
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F1 Test Driver
Aug 30, 2018
Yeh I enjoyed that battle with you @Hydranockz i know I’m not as quick as you but still gonna make it hard on track to get past me I had split second decision when we both pitted on same lap as to whether I change my wing or not and if I had changed it you would have got out before me cus I think you had to change yours
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