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PS AOR S19 PS4 F2 League - Media Thread


Formula 4 Reserve Driver
F1 2019 | AOR Hype Energy F2 League | PS4 | S19 | R8: Australian GP

Drivers: @Kiiski123 @Lonii27 @jomppalainen @Hercules @PedroPMF @Dynastics @Guiggs @maxou13-12 @benidorm-4 @VRT_Sam @ISRT_Pasti @Ferhan_Racer2004 @Yoan Simracing @Antoine_F1_10 @Samuel Bean @Thijmen25804 @Simone Iamotti @JACKITA37 @SlimboDude @Aressi191

Commentators: @LukeEtheridge95 @Badg3rman

Just want to say a big thanks to all you guys for the show you put on, we're consistently up there as the most watched F2 league, and we've even beat some of the F1 leagues on occassion!