XB1 AOR S4 XB1 America F1 League - Main Thread


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First, congratulations to this season's champion. This season helps me perfect various things and I learned several more. Of course I made mistakes, but thanks to them I am learning. And now I think I can take the next step of removing aids. I hope to see you next season to continue having fun and competing.


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Hey guys!!! What a season we had. I want to thank all of you guys for signing up and taking part this season. It was a pleasure to be your coordinator this season. Congratulations to @BDunk on winning this seasons championship, it was deserved after a consistent season. I hope you guys return here for season 5 on F1 2020! I will tag you guys here when the sign ups open again. One last time, thanks and take care.


S4 AOR XB1 America F1 Champion

it’s been a real fun season here in AOR. I threw my effort into this season and it paid off. Even though it was a shortened 12 race season, I’m very grateful to have even won the title this season. I said in the driver introduction was to throw down the gauntlet and I did just that and now I can say I’m an AOR Champion. Thank you to @Hoopolicious for being the coordinator for this league and all the time he put into this since my old buddy @Jason Wilcox left :( and as well as all the on track battles we had this season. And thank you to all of you for coming every week to the races and just being here to do something we all love to do and that’s to race!!! It’s been a fun season and I can’t wait to get going again next season when I turn my colorful snake off.

See you all next season!!!