AOR Spec GTE League - Season 2 - Round 6 - SPA - 23 March 2019 |

AOR Spec GTE League - Season 2 - Round 6 - SPA - 23 March 2019

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Dec 1, 2015
Event Information:
Date: 23 March 2019
Lobby opens: 12:15pm EST US/ 5:15pm UK
Event starts: 12:30pm EST US/ 5:30pm UK
Event format:
  • Qualifying: 5 laps (4 Flying)
  • Race: 30 laps

Rules & regulations:
Before you take to the track in the league race, make sure you are fully aware of the rules and regulations of the league. As a driver in this league, you are required to do your very best to ensure clean and fair racing at all times.

Track Limits: The track limits for are defined by white and yellow lines around the circuit. Drivers must keep two wheels inside of the track limits at all times. Any malicious or careless abuse of track limits to gain an advantage will be punished by the stewards. For this race, the following is an exception to the defined track limits:

Driving Etiquette: Generally speaking, there should be very little contact while racing. The following are guidelines that drivers should adhere to and are guidelines used by the stewards:
  • If you cause an accident, ensure you wait on the affected driver(s). Failure to do so will result in a penalty.
  • Generally speaking, it is the responsibility of the trailing car to avoid contact when attempting an overtake.
  • When attempting an overtake into a corner, the general rule of thumb is the overtaking car should have his front wheels at least along side the leading car's rear wheels in the braking zone. Excessive lunging to the apex that causes contact will not be tolerated from either the trailing or leading car.
  • Turn one incidents should be kept to a minimum. Causing an accident in turn one is extremely frustrating for other drivers. Going forward, any contact in turn one (deliberately or otherwise) that alters the outcome of an affected driver's race will be punished by the stewards.
  • Intentional abuse of track limits will not be tolerated. See above section for exceptions.
  • Finally, race as you wished to be raced. Respect fellow drivers at all times.
No-shows: If you are unable to attend the race, please inform the League Coordinator and leave a post in this thread BEFORE the race takes place.

Lobby Settings:

  • Game Type: Circuit Race
  • Damage Difficulty: Simulation
  • Collision Mode: Always On
  • Car: 2014 BMW #55 BMW Team RLL Z4 GTE
  • Tune: Forced Stock Upgrades and Tuning
  • End Condition: Number of laps
  • Grid Ordering: Best Lap (Ascending - Yes)
  • End of Race Timer: 5 Minutes
  • Quick Stops: Off
Settings Changed for Qualifying:
  • Collision Mode: Always Off
  • Compare Best Lap Scores: Yes
  • Grid Ordering: Random
  • Per-Car Roll Off Delay: 2 Seconds
Track Information:
  • Location: Spa
  • Layout: Full
  • Track Conditions: Day
Driver's Missing

Reserve Drivers Needed

Navigation Links:

Race Calendar
League Rules
Stewards Panel
Results and Standings
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Rockstar Matt

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Feb 22, 2016
Sorry boys, but I’ll be unavailable for today’s race. I have to cover a closing shift at work, and I won’t be home until like 6 hours before the race. I know myself and I won’t be able to wake up in time lol.

See y’all next season.


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Dec 1, 2015

Lobby opens:
1:15pm EST US/ 5:15pm UK
Event starts: 1:30pm EST US/ 5:30pm UK

  1. @SavageSnailx69x {SavageSnailx69x}(USA)
  2. @l medal l {l medaL L}(USA)
  3. @SimplyAPanda {Jack Hopwood}(British)
  4. @EVR Matt212 {EVR Matt212}(UK)
  5. @DoR Martijn2702 {GTR Martijn2702}(Dutch)
  6. @SMISSzz {SMISSzz}(British)
  7. @MistaJingles {MistaJingles}(USA)
  8. @FLDrives {AlbeeDamned}(USA)
  9. @Ozone Sprog22 {Ozone Sprog}(UK)
  10. @SoggyCabbages {SoggyCabbages}(Canada)
  11. @Scott W04 {Scott W281004}(Ireland)
  12. @Volos72 {Volos72}(Canada)
  13. @EPeatie {EPeatie}(British)
  14. @DeathDealerS199 {DeathDealerS199}(UK)
  15. @Racing Jester {Racing Jester}(UK)
  16. @Rockstar Matt {Rockstar Matt}(USA)
  17. @Define {Drunk n Lels}(USA)
  18. @Daniel Southby {JSR South}(Scottish)
  19. @Woofer {Woofer}(UK)
  20. @SVR Solar {SVR Solar}(English)
  21. @AOR Reversal {iR3versal}(UK)
  22. @Heartscorn1110 { TutoredFilly4}(UK)
  23. @LMR Minardi


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Forza Coordinator
Dec 1, 2015
also with this race being the final race of the season, and to get a decent test for future season we have upped the race length to force everyone to pit at least once so race length will be 30 laps
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