PS4 - AOR SUPER FORMULA LEAGUE SEASON 2 Round 6 — Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps (Finalé) |

PS4 AOR SUPER FORMULA LEAGUE SEASON 2 Round 6 — Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps (Finalé)


F1 Senna Equivalent
May 20, 2016
Race report time.

Qualy - 3rd: I had 2 fast laps and on both attempts I messed up S2, if I didn't I would have been battling Minion for 2nd but Ash's pole time was out of reach for me.

Feature - 1st: I had a great start for a change and was battling for the lead at T1 but had to slot in 2nd behind Ash and with a good slipstream and then using overtake down Kemmel I was able to get ahead of Ash at T5, I began to pull a gap and as I started lap 3 I had over 3 seconds lead to Minion but then I got the exit of T1 slightly wrong and it cost me the lead.

After that it began a cat and mouse game between me and Minion for majority of the race, as dirty air made it hard to stay close I did my first stop lap 7 and did the undercut on Minion, and I got ahead when he pitted a lap later.
Then he returned the favour with a undercut but I just got out ahead of him when I made my 2nd stop a lap later.

I then quickly started to pull a bit of a lead over Minion and set the FL in the process, with a few laps to go it then became a case of not making any mistakes and bringing home the win.

Sprint - 1st: Like always in the sprint it was a case of being patient and taking any chances to pass when they presented themselves, and after a few laps I had managed to get into the lead.

I once again had Minion following closely and when we made our stops on lap 5 I came out in 2nd behind Delaney, I quickly caught upto him but couldn't get past in S2 it allowed Minion to close up to me but I got ahead of Delaney at the bus stop and just about stayed ahead of Minion.

I then had just enough of a lead over Minion for the run through S1 on the next lap and after that danger had been averted I started to pull out a gap and again in turn set the FL for the race, for the rest of the race I slowly but surely increased my lead over Minion and saw it out to win once again.

Looking back I was disappointed with my qualy performance but my race pace was very good once gain, though I was nearly the architect of my own downfall in the feature with that error early on exiting T1, thankfully that was the only error I made during the 2 races, but very happy with my finish to the season.

Anyway well done to Minion and Bl99dy on there double podiums and a mention for Ash's pole lap, I watched it you said it was a 'good lap' - you only missed one apex (Stavelot) you nailed the rest of it basically, it was a great pole lap.

As for looking at the season as a whole, yeah obviously it was a shame to see the numbers decline as quickly as they did and the season being curtailed, and I don't think any of us thought this would be the case after round 4 heading into the mid-season break and the co-ords made the correct decision to shorten it, but I think despite this we still made the best of it these last 2 rounds and still had some very fun battles.
Obviously thanks has to go to the co-ords for organising as always and a big mention has to go to Jack for taking time out of his sunday nights to stream and provide commentary, I'm sure I'm not the only one that was impressed with your commentary this season.

From my perspective yeah to finally win a championship (thanks for the congrats guys) as you would expect naturally I'm very happy, for whatever reason I've always ended up being the bridesmaid and never the bride.:LOL:
I admit before the season I felt I had a good chance, but you never know and even after the first 3 rounds I was still expecting a championship challenge from someone but it never materialised (not that I'm complaining lol).

But it was pretty strange on Friday when I saw that basically I had become champion when the change this Sunday to Spa and also make it the final round of the season, it meant that heading into Spa I felt I needed to win at least one of the races last night just so I could celebrate properly afterwards.

So that's one championship won now my attention turns to Thursday and to try and make it a double.

Lastly regarding the number of current drivers mentioned, yeah something needs to be done in the immediate future as currently the SF league is no longer sustainable and even the 911 league has seen a decline in numbers, unless we get back to healthier numbers...
As a result it feels like the hard work the co-ords have done over the last year isn't being rewarded, but I'll be interested to see what's going to be announced, though considering how full on and non-stop the seasons have come and gone, maybe a 'winter' break for everyone during December might be a option and then look at a potential return and reorganisation for January and a Season 9.:unsure:
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