PC - AOR Tier 3 - PC Round 6: Sportsland Sugo - 10.07.19 @8pm UK Time | ApexOnlineRacing.com

PC AOR Tier 3 - PC Round 6: Sportsland Sugo - 10.07.19 @8pm UK Time

Na Scoitear

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May 16, 2019
@Na Scoitear, this is something I'll definitely remember as a highlight of this season. We didn't get much side-by-side, I think you're too far out of my league, but getting that undercut working was the most fun.
Ha Ha i can assure you mate you are definitely in my league! I am just fairly consistant and have been lucky to have avoided any incidences or crashes so far this season! I think we will have plenty more fights before the season is over!:)


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Jan 27, 2018
well what can i say about this week
after trying so hard all week to improve my qualifying all week i hit 20.1s to 20.3s consistantly then get to raceday and WOLLOP i hit a mid 22 :confused:,
so to the race, on the formation lap i get cliped from the side which gives me 1 front aero damage (from a side inpact? ok pcars 2) which shouldnt cause too much impact then we get to lap 6 and and my poor crewchief needs therapy that there was that much going on he didnt have time for a breath
so heres my view of it
and because i dont know how to use adobe pro correctlyheres a better ingame replay
then a couple of corners later i spin and clip the wall which manages to destroy my suspension so i pit goto last and driving a recovery race again
which was not too bad just the blue flags again so i let alot through but started to notice that i was keeping up with alot of cars that were lapping me and ended up overtaking them again like @PhantomHamster :pwhich was annoying is i think i managed a mid 22 racepace anywayi digress
i m,ust admit chasing @RedTerrier down was fun then when i got to him i had to let a blue flag pass me which i am sorry to admit i took advantage of when they passed Red and i followed them through :LOL:,
Towards the end of the race i think alot pitted which helped me gain places upto 16th so really i only lost one place from qualy through the carnage,so onto a early morning hazy indy
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Oct 11, 2016
I am really disappointed, my race was going good, and i was around p14 when my wifi decided to die, my game disconnected around lap 43.