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PC AOR Tier 3 - PC Round 9: Bathurst - 31.07.19 @8pm UK Time

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Jul 1, 2019
Good race. Felt that everyone did what they could to make the race as safe and fair as possible. I managed to lose my front wing a few laps into the race due to a parked car in the dipper, that I couldn't avoid. Fortunately it didn't seem to affect the performance that much and I could maintain af one-stop strategy. Best experience was to not to be a backmarker for once (y). Worst experience was that my left for leg cramped because I was so tense all the time.
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Oct 25, 2017
That track is a F*&%^$% disease. Kill it with fire!

Seriously though, I didnt have time to set up car up unfortunately before tonight and it hurt me, car was undriveable through sector 2. Wouldn't go round corners, constantly wanted to snap on me, waay to bouncy and spent most of the time drifting round corners. So ended up sipping and hitting the wall like 3 times in first 10 laps. Was not fun for me at all, car was screwed so I retired back to the pit and then left. What a really awful end to my season I am having. No show last week in a race through no fault of my own in, I could of done well in it too I felt and then tonight. :-(

I knew I shouldn't have bothered tonight with that track and lack of prep time, put me in a dreadful mood after while playing rainbow six with my mates. lol


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Feb 4, 2017
It was a nice race. Although I got spun around by somebody on turn 1 (I guess cold brakes) and on lap 2 or 3 another guy slammed into the back of me in the Cutting. My rear was damaged badly afterwards which caused me to spin after Skyline and completly destroy my rear (100 damage), so I had to limp back to the pits and was pretty frustrated, also it was too early to get through so I had to do another stop later one.
However it was a really fun race afterwards, trying to battle my way up the field at a track that hardly allows overtaking. I was chasing down one after another. Some guys decided to honorably give space and make a trip to the wall ;), but I really had to earn most of the other passes. I had a great battle with @Jimbo357mag with some exciting close racing and later on I had an awesome battle with @Pirate and @duce . I passed one of them round the outside into Griffins Bend (I can´t remember who it was) after he did an epic defending job the corners and basically the laps before. Shoutout to him, he defended hard but very fair. Always blocked the inside line and never made any late moves.
Other than that I had a couple of heart attack moments throughout the session. Once I went down the hill in the esses and all of a sudden another car (I believe it was @BlackEskimo ) was standing there facing the wrong direction. I made a last second move to avoid him and spueezed through a gap on the right between him and the wall which was about 99/100 of a car width wide, while rubbing against the wall and I only received a tiny bit of damage.

So overall P7 was the best I could with these early accidents, maybe Top 5 would have been possible without but that´s only speculation because the Top 6 were miles ahead. Congratulations to @Jorge2091, @GromozekA and to whoever finished third. But I think everybody who survived that race deserves a round of applause.

Na Scoitear

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May 16, 2019
Congrats @Jorge2091 great win and @GromozekA for P2, that was some drive starting practically at the back, stopping at the end of lap 1 with damage and still finishing second(y)Going by both of your laptimes i think ye might be in the wrong tier:alien: Those first 5 or 6 laps were so intense with carnage everywhere from the very first corner i was forgetting to breathe at times not knowing what was around the next corner!

Well done also @sellew for coming home in P3, I had a nice little fight with you there for a couple of laps, think i probably cost you some time to the leaders but we were fighting for position at the time so sorry about that!
Worst experience was that my left for leg cramped because I was so tense all the time.
Ha Ha i was the same from hovering my left foot over the brake pedal, thought i was going to have to retire at one stage!

Looking forward to the final race with the championship still up for grabs between @GromozekA @nobby101 and myself! Should be fun
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