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XB1 AOR XB1 Assist League 1 - Suggestions and Improvements


Formula 4 2nd Driver
May 9, 2018
AOR XB1 Assist 1 League - Season 16
Suggestions and Improvements

The AOR Assist Leagues are undergoing major issues at present for Season 16; it is fundamental to this league that the Assist Leagues are ran as neutral and with as much importance as the top tiers in AOR. If you have any opinions or have any suggestions to help restructure and rebuild the Assist Leagues, I will forward these to the top guys.

Appreciate your time and patience during the difficult times in the ALs.


Formula 3 2nd Driver
Mar 27, 2018
Ok I don’t think some of these are going to happen but there ideas and I would like if they were considered.

1. Restructuring the tiers. One of the biggest problems with tier 1 is a lack of numbers. You might expect this in one of the lower tiers but you shouldn’t be expecting this in the top tier. As far as I know the numbers in tier 2 and tier three are good and im sure that there are drivers from tier 2 who are well capable of driving in tier 1 and the same with tier 3 and two. Therefore we could move some of the drivers around to evenly distribute the tiers. I know this isn’t ideal but at least it should make racing in assist leagues more desirable.

2. Streaming the top league. F1 f2 and f3 are streamed aswell as the oceanic and American leagues. Many of the drivers in assist league one including myself are as fast if not faster than drivers in f3 and maybe even f2. We have a good title fight and plenty of drivers who compete at the front every weekend. Therefore why can’t we stream at least the top league of assist leagues. I know numbers has to be sorted out before we can even consider this but it is a thought once numbers gets sorted out. I feel it would create a buzz and it would encourage people especially a younger audience to race in assist leagues. This would have a positive affect on the other leagues aswell.

3. Stewards enquiries being sorted out quicker. I don’t know if this is true but I feel that the assist leagues are overshadowed when it comes to how quickly stewards enquiries get sorted out. I feel that the normal leagues get their enquiries sorted out quicker than the assist leagues and it’s a bit demoralizing to see incidents from Canada only getting resolved yesterday.

These are only a few ideas I’m sure if I had more time I could think of a few more things
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Formula 4 Test Driver
Mar 28, 2018
While it's not exactly a suggestion or improvement, I think the community should push for cross-platform play in F1 2019 or even F1 2018, hardly seen anyone mention it and it's usually only a flick of a switch for the devs as shown in many other games. It would obviously help a lot for the numbers and competitiveness. Codemasters have no exclusive content deals with any platform and they're pushing esports so it seems like an obvious step to me.

They would however need to balance out all versions of the game, as the PC version is different on tyre temps etc. If it does happen though I can't wait to join the F45 tier next year.