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XB1 AOR XB1 F1 2018 Leagues - Evaluation Race Thread - Season 16


S15 AOR XB1 F2 Champion
Aug 19, 2017
Qaulifying position: 1st
Time: 1:26.351 (Super softs)
Finishing Position: 1st

Notes: Had to do a 2 stop strategy (Supers, softs, softs), meaning I had to make a few overtakes on the guys doing 1 stop which would have lost me a little time but nothing major.


MSC Phenom

Pro Karter
Mar 26, 2018
Qualifying Position: 5th
Qualifying Time: 1.27.338
Finishing Position:14th

Notes: I was cut in half during the first three laps of the race, I stopped early because my tires were dead. Then, only the rest of the race in the last position. The behavior of some drivers at the start during a test race leaves something to be desired.


AOR Benjamin

4 Times AOR XB1 PCars and AC Champion
Staff member
AC Coordinator
Jun 4, 2015
Race Director Images:

Race Report:
Qualifying Position: 1st
Qualifying Time: 1:26.765 (SuperSofts)
Finishing Position: 5th
Other notes: I had a bad start, and got held up badly by Peanut07 for a few laps. I was losing around 4-6 tenths while I was behind him, Moorso and Jorc94 caught up and passed me and there was a 4 way battle for the lead at one point in the early laps. On Lap 20 my wheel accidentally went into PS4 Mode and I lost a position to tR Malta and I lost nearly 10 seconds. To be honest it wouldn't of made any difference to my finishing position as he was quicker than me at the end of the race as my tyres were going off and I had a penalty.


Junior Karter
Sep 6, 2018
Race Report:

Qualifying Position: 6th

Qualifying Time: 1.27.342

Finishing Position: 9th

Other notes: On lap 5 i had mistake on the last corner in s2 . Last stint i was very nice battle with Vx G3RMO xV . Connection was good for me ,race pace could be better .
director 1.PNG
director 2.PNG
director 3.PNG


F1 Senna Equivalent
Jan 14, 2014
Race Director Images:
17-09-2018_10-56-48.png 17-09-2018_10-56-57.png 17-09-2018_10-57-05.png

Race Report:
Qualifying Position: 9th
Qualifying Time: 1.27.6
Finishing Position:

Side note. I got spun on lap two and lost at least 15 seconds thanks to that, apart from that I had a pretty quiet race no incidents and i felt I was pretty consistent over the full distance. Would have been right infront/behind tR Peatie if it wasnt for the spin


Formula 4 2nd Driver
Mar 26, 2018
Qualifying Position: P14
Qualifying Time: 1:28.976
Finishing Position: P15
Other notes: I had some nice fair fights with TOR Smith before the pit stop. When pushing to get back to him I spun and lost a lot of time. From there on I tried to drive my own race. One lap before ending I touched another lethal curb and spin one more. Not a very bad race but could've been more stable if I didn't spin twice.


Cinnamon Rage

Formula 3 2nd Driver
Mar 26, 2018
Qualifying Position: 11th
Qualifying Time: 1.28.491
Finishing Position:10th
Other notes: Lost 2 or 3 tenths on qualifying lap due to a glitched car (no-one's fault). The race was fairly consistent but made some minor mistakes braking wrong at corners as 1st league race, with no braking line.



Formula 3 2nd Driver
Jun 29, 2017
Not too upset with that race, definitely some time on the table in quali. Had enough in for P12

A couple small mistakes and one large one on my in lap led to a finish of P12. I'm very happy with only two warnings and no penalties.

FWIW to the league coordinators I didn't have any issues with lag or with desync. The game felt pretty stable for this instance of online at least lol

Final Race Results.PNG Race Director Laps 1-14.PNG Race Director Laps 15-28.PNG

Note: Lap 15 is where I had my spin :/

Lap 29 time: 1:32.888 with my fastest sector 3

I posted this in the incorrect thread (PC race evaluations) I apologise and will have to re-add the pictures when I get home from work today
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F1 Senna Equivalent
Jan 13, 2014
Race Director Images:




Race Report:
Qualifying Position: 3rd
Qualifying Time: 1:26.749
Finishing Position: 7th
Other notes: Lobby was an absolute lagfest. Desyncs everywhere. Close to unraceable.


Formula 3 Test Driver
Aug 31, 2016
Qualifying Position:6th
Qualifying Time: 1:27.2 (lagged out of qually after setting that time very early, didn't have enough to do another lap PB is a 1:26.4)
Finishing Position:8th
Other notes:
Spun on lap 7 & 12 lost around about 20secs of my race time



Semi-Pro Karter
Sep 10, 2018
Race Report:
Qualifying Position: P13
Qualifying Time: N/A
Finishing Position:
Other notes: Game glitched out and I re-joined with less than two minutes remaining so crossed the line to start my lap with the game not registering so. Race was marred by a very poor setup choice and getting stuck behind people on differing strategies, I was lapped for the final but my lap just before was no better than a 1:34
.5XX. One deserved penalty for multiple warnings due to errors on my part, although the 2nd penalty I ran wide losing almost 2s on my last lap.


S16 AOR XB1 F4 Champion
Mar 31, 2016
It won’t let me sign up for any race. It doesn’t say there’s a link for any of them apart from the first two

Stu BCFC 91

Junior Karter
Sep 9, 2018

Race Report:
Qualifying Position: 11th
Qualifying Time: 1.28.304 (I think)
Finishing Position: 12th
Other notes: First competitive race with no assists so I didn't expect much, feel I will be quicker with a bit more confidence


Formula 4 Test Driver
Sep 1, 2017
Qualifying Position: 9th
Qualifying Time: 1.27.503 (SS)
Finishing Position: 12th
Other notes: Qualifying was ok, during the race had an ok start, turn 12 got on the curb and span, which ruined my tyres for the stint. had a clean lap the next lap, then the next two laps I span in the same place. Decided to try out going to the end on mediums and felt like I had decent pace on the mediums, and then just had too much tyre wear and span again... so pitted for supersofts. A decent race, think with more practice with F1 2018 in general I could get a feel for the car more with those kinds of corners.



Formula 4 1st Driver
Jun 18, 2017
Started: 11th.
Qualifying time: 1:29:174
Finished: 9th
Race notes: Nothing really major occurred in my race, just some minor incidents in my opinion. Had someone drive into the back of me into turn 4 and ran wide at the end of sector 2 when I clipped the inside kerb (which was annoying since it gave me a time penalty even though I loss time). Gave people room to pass if they were clearly faster than me and held my own quite nicely. Still getting used to not seeing the mirrors on the Sauber and on other cars so just wanted to be sure I wouldn’t screw up anyone else’s race. Started on softs and went on mediums to eliminate one stop and so I could push harder on the mediums.

(Thank you XxBADMANZz for saving these because I forgot to take a screenshot at the time lol)



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Callum Teasdale

Formula 3 Reserve Driver
Apr 6, 2017
Qualifying Position: 12th (Started on the Soft Tyres which were the median tyre for this race)
Qualifying Time: 1:28.057
Finishing Position: 4th
Other notes: Unfortunately I missed lap 15 on my screenshots however the time was a 1.32.054. Very solid race. I felt I had very consistent race pace. made a few mistakes but not too costly. Had a few battles in the race, fortunately none of them were scrappy. was unlucky not to get a podium, lost 2 tenths in the final lap which cost me as 3rd had a time penalty. Overall a good race which shows my race pace is far superior to my qualifying pace.



Formula Karter
May 14, 2017
qualified p10 due to someone blocking my one and only quali lap on softs. ( did a ss run at the start to get used to online cars but in lean mix and medium ers)

finished p1 on track p3 after idiotic penalties