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XB1 AOR XB1 F3 League - Main Thread

  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Sign-ups are OPEN for Season 19 of the AOR Hype Energy F1 Leagues on F1 2019!
    They are closing on 29th February, so be quick! Head to the League Forums for more information.

AOR Benjamin

4 Times AOR XB1 PCars and AC Champion
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F1 Coordinator
AC Coordinator
Jun 4, 2015
Driver Update!!!
@JH Plays Has Retired from the League. We all wish you the Best
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AOR's 'Finest' Driver
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AC Coordinator
Jun 28, 2016
Any interest for someone to move up to F2? @AOR Benjamin do you need all the drivers or have you got any reserves? Sign-ups are dead.


F1 Senna Equivalent
Aug 9, 2016
I miss it too but it is not only about me!

@Im_an_eagle no I don't think so. Just need the permission of your coordinator
Yeah i know isn't only about you but i'm still always ready to move up to F2 ;), at the end of the day it's pretty unlikely that i'm the chosen one :lol::lol::lol: