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Dan Weston

Semi-Pro Karter
Aug 25, 2017
‪League ordinator: Jamie
Date: 05/04/2020
Members Involved: Jam Pancakes 44, SHZ Krisito
Description: I was purposely taken out by Shz Krisito


XB1 F1 League Runner & S13 XB1 Assist 1 Champion
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F1 Coordinator
Sep 18, 2016
moved to the stewards

Head Steward

Head Steward
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F1 Coordinator
iRacing Coordinator
PCARS Coordinator
AC Coordinator
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Jan 25, 2014
The stewards have looked through the evidence and comments put forward and have come to the following conclusion.

From looking at the footage we are led to believe that this crash was not deliberate and was in fact the cause of wheel issues. Especially when we can see that @Chris saliba voluntarily turns left onto the grass.

Therefore we have decided that No Further Action will be taken.

Closed. @Jamie183 @Dan Weston @Chris saliba
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