PC Apex Online Racing - 9 Heures de Provence - 24.10.2020


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- Qualy : Is the qualifying ranking system influence the split selection ? I mean if you have the X team and the Y team. X has only 2 drivers to 3 having a laptime but crazy fast. Y has all the drivers having a validate laptime (but they're slow) so they're in QR 1 rather than X is QR 2. Does that means that the split are made by the real speed and that inside each split QR1 will be ahead QR2 (X will be QR 1 but behind the QR2 teams of the server 1 and Y will be server 2 but in QR1 so in the front group) or does that mean that X team could be split 2 if there are enough team being in QR1 ? ... I hope it is understandable :rolleyes:
No, the ranking system does not influence split selection - The only thing determining your split will be the average lap time - however, we do reserve the right to make some adjustment in case we know certain drivers who might have sandbagged. Qualify ranking system determines your placement in the split. It does not mean that split 1 will exclusively be filled with QR1 drivers.

To get a better understanding, teams up to P40 currently will probably be split 1, while everyone below will be split 2. Team Fordzilla in split 1 will start at the back of the grid, though, since it's the only team in that P1-P40 range that does not have a lap time set by all of their drivers.

- Weather : I don't get the "4hours block" ... Does that means that if the race start wet it will be wet for 4 hours or does that mean that the parameters are "rebooting" after 4 hours so the weather could totally change, being from wet to full sunny ?
It's too complicated :D

From what we understand, the game pre-calculates the weather in 4h blocks

The developers ran 10000 simulation for every possible weather setting and came up with a sort-of-helpful excel sheet that had all the outcomes recorded in these 4 hour blocks

I can't really tell if it 'resets the weather', since obviously the weather that one block ends in will influence the weather (or at least the starting bit) from another block, it's just a phrase we are using that the developers are also using to explain the weather system to keep it sort of in-line with their explanation. The percentages are incredibly rough, hence why I set up that accelerated time scale solo practice to get a better understanding of how it all works.

- DT : Paul Ricard is a tricky track considering the track limits. Will the DT follow te ingame system or will there be a tolerance ? I'm sure but I think I saw some endurance race where the DT where canceled once a time.
The DTs you saw being cancelled over and over again on the last endurance race held at Paul Ricard (PR500) were done because of a bug that made the drivers receive a DT constantly for going over the maximum stint time.

We will not be cancelling DTs handed out by the game, if you want to be sure not to receive a warning/DT, if you think you went off track where you'd be penalized my suggestion would be to slow down (lift somewhat) so that you will not gain any time advantage due to the cut.


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Great race guys!
Much better result than I would have ever expected!

Thank you to all the team running the event! Awesome stuff!

Stephen Beswick

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Jan 2, 2020
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Come and enjoy our team of drivers wittering on about utter nonsense and complaining about the rain for 9 hours. Marvel as we have to keep checking when Morphee is driving as he was overtaking everyone in 3rd place. Oh and occasionally I have a look around the rest of the field too.

We were on server 2. Where all the cool people hung out.

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