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Closed Apex Season 7 Round 2 - Not respecting yellow ?

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ACC Tier + Round Number: Tier 5 Apex Season 7 Round 2
League Coordinator: @GIXXERosg
Date: 11/05/2021
Members Involved: 65 / 13
For me he doesn't respect yellow flag and hit me. I'm in charge of going a bit foward, i messed up my gear. But if you look, he's right on me even before i move and not lifting at all.
If you feel like i need a penalty for going forward i would take it 100%.



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Well tbh honest I can't believe he has the cheek to report me for that, when he moved. Instead of letting the traffic pass. Also he punted me on lap 1 when I slowed down because of a accident infront. After that chicane incident he very nearly wiped me out at the hairpin. However I'm not even sure I want to carry on with this season. After putting in loads of practice and rushing to get ready, only for them not to bother with a driver briefing and still started late. Then was hit from behind 3 times and I'm supposed to get video evidence of it all and waste my time defending myself against silly reports. Very stressful.

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The stewards reviewed the video evidence and decided for the following penalties:

@Moumour - 5 penalty points on his AOR driver license for dangerous driving. (moved perpendicularly towards the racing line, which didn't cause the collision but it's dangerous enough for a penalty)
@Brooker0013 - 5 penalty points on his AOR driver license for ignoring yellow flags.

The stewards also remind the drivers that GT3 cars all come with a reverse gear fitted as standard, which the drivers are expected to use in case of need, for example to realign the car for a rejoin while the car is still outside the track.

@Moumour @Brooker0013
@GIXXERosg @Rikka
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