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PC Apply to become Semi-Pro Coordinator

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Jan 14, 2014
Hey there

We're looking for someone to help out in the running of the Semi-Pro league this season, read further for more details.

General coordinator tasks:
- Posting weekly race threads
- Updating results/standings
- Providing simple post-race reports in the coordinator forum
- Keeping an eye on the league forum & making sure threads are kept up to date
- Making sure things go smoothly and that the peace is kept in the race lobby before & during races
- Contributing to stewards panel discussions

The perks of being a coordinator:
- Part of the pCars staff team
- Access to the private coordinator forum
- Ability to directly take part in the planning process for future seasons

And the requirements:
- Needs to be mature & calm-headed
- Needs to be on TS during the races & have a mic
- Ability to communicate decently in English (both written & orally)

If you're interested, send an application to Erti147 explaining why you think you are up the job and can make a difference. If you're mature and have some common sense that could be more than enough!
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