Assetto Corsa: Competizione


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Some pre alpha footage was released on the assetto corsa YT channel and wow the graphics at night time is amazing, honestly amazing! I know graphics aren't everything but the way it looks really does give it that extra immersion


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12th is alpha release.. and if i understand correct it will take to around christmass for online multiplayer.


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Tbh, little bit disappointed with the EA and I really don't understand why we get only one car and one track when there were the Audi, the Porsche, the Ferrari, the Mercedes and the Lambo in the demos. On top of that they had playable demos of Monza, Spa and Misano... Probably it is to keep the variables low for the moment to make bug finding and bug fixing more easy in the beginning :unsure:
Nevermind, will probably start trying this game with the second build as there is no possibility to play a racing game without VR for me anymore :p


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Yea, If I was releasing something like this. I'd lock down certain perimeters, ie single car + single track - Then you get very focused usage for testing results.
BUT I would be cycling it though the cars / tracks. Maybe change car + track every 2 weeks or so. (without adding new content each stage - so ppl are still testing the things you want them too..)
This plan has us locked to the same content for 1 month at a time :(
Well, it is what it is! I guess it will just make us really work on that combination!