Assetto Corsa: Competizione


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Anyone feel like having a go at(depending on how basic multiplayer is)a quick 4 round, each circuit league,in November-December,as if it is the finale Hungaroring will be out by then.


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This encourages me with my initial plans.


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Hi guys,
first impressions?
I guess it feels decent, felt quite natural right from the start. It definitely shows that it's from Kunos, similar feeling to AC. But have to say I think it feels odd over some kerbs and feels like when it oversteers there's no way to catch it, so either lack of feel for me or that's just how it is.

Actually felt a bit underwhelmed personally. I hoped for an improvement from AC but it's more of a side-step I'd say. (Altho visually it's probably better and will be interesting to try driving in the wet).

Will also see how the car changes with setup.

Hampus Soderberg

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Actually a lot of fun imo to drive in the wet. Tried driving in "storm" and actually very easy to aquaplane, so a great challenge. Looks great in the wet as well.

And an even greater challenge doing it at night as well! Would be cool in VR.
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But have to say I think it feels odd over some kerbs and feels like when it oversteers there's no way to catch it, so either lack of feel for me or that's just how it is.
Yup, some of the bumps may me eased with setups, not played with the setup much yet, but out the box, it feels very stiff.
Also bags of power understeer, again, i suspect that's a default setup thing...
And also very much like iRacing in terms of trying to catch a spin! If that rear end starts to step out, you are a passenger... :(

But certainly has potential!

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Think the handling has improved and you don't spin when you glance of the kerbs like in AC. I am using a T300 and did not have any problems catching the rear when it steps out. You have to be a bit careful with steering lock and throttle but feels realistic, at least in my world :)
I was just driving on default setup/TC/ABS and getting mid 58's on a good lap so maybe I wasn't driving fast enough to loose the rear :LOL:
I think the lap time delta is a bit more accurate as I feel in AC it can be a bit lost at times and then corrects itself on the next sector.
Unless the final game expands to include more cars and tracks it will get a bit dull and cannot see me dumping AC anytime in the next couple of years.
So for now I would give it 4 out of 10 but hope it will grow on me as it nears final release.


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I could give it only a short glance yet and probably need to play around a bit with the ffb and stuff to feel comfortable. Therefore I´ll wait until I´m a few hours into the game to judge handling.

What I can already say is that immersion is just brilliant. The sounds and atmo are 100% on point. I´m already jealous of people who will be able to experience this in VR!

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Finally it is out :)

and as usual, I was looking forward to play it more, but my wife got a better idea to help her father with cutting grass and other stuff at countryside. Yes, thank you, why not. So I got back at 8 pm to start downloading, then to try and make the little boy to sleep and at 9pm I started the game for the first time.

I fiddled with the settings a little bit, I set realism to pro, assists to the hardest one, mapped some buttons on my wheel like wipers, lights, look left/right, look mirror (is it look back?) and went on the track. Hmmm:unsure:...why I can't move?? Back to settings..First thing, you can't access control settings while on the track. A big or it is intended? Certainly, it is annoying.

Everything set normally, back to track and still nothing. Did this several times and then I realized, there is no engine noise :ROFLMAO:. So pressed "S" as starter and it started making starting noise, but I didn know the ignition key (I guess "I", but haven't tried). So I went into assists, set auto start and off I went.

I did some laps, and it certainly feels a bit different but in a good way. I really like the impression when you go off the track with the gravel noise, ffb and lower grip. Also when you bottoming out you can hear and feel it. I got some oversteery moments in schumacher curves and I crashed massively and it felt like real crash. The car didn't bump off the wall like it does in AC. It felt like 1500kg car.

I like the track guide, the rating system I mean. It is quite challenging but for me first time it was buggy and said Disconnected for some while. Then it worked.

I spent some time with camera setting, I have triple screen but I was using just 1 monitor yesterday as by the looks of things, it is quite heavy on HW, but in practice it run smoothly on epic and I did a race in light rain with 55fps. I may turn down some graphical settings as I usuall go for stable 60 rather than see more reflections.

But for me, it felt a bit "blurry" or how to describe the feeling. I got used to after few laps, but for majority of time i really had to concentrate where the track is. :D

But Im sure it will be great. It has massive potential, and as we all know Kunos, they will deliver.

What I miss? "loock back" button. I can look back when pressing look left and right together but then it is basicly turning the drivers head around and you see the headrest :LOL:. Realistic? yes, but useless. And button "look mirror" does nothing for me.


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Feels like a natural evolution of AC. :)

Graphics, physics seems very good, with a little bit of lacking FFB.

Sounds are amazing.

Like some already wrote, the default setup seems very hard when you hit the curbs. Maybe some softer suspension will help?

And the AI is just terrible. Done a few races so far and the AI haven't finished one yet. :p They all end up parking in the middle of the track.

I have some of the same problems as @Mazy CZ with the buttons. For some reason when I map the light buttons, they don't work. Can't turn on/off headlights, so pretty hard to race in the dark. :)

Rain is really challenging and you really have to be careful.

Again its alpha and there is a lot of small bugs, they hopefully will sort out and tweak some stuff, but overall I would give it 6/10 so far.

Btw anyone found out how the rating system works? Mine is "stuck" on TR42.


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I said I won't try it before they release VR support but I could not stand the hype they have builded up with the blog posts (at least I was very hyped at that moment :) ).
Did couple of laps yesterday, mainly in the dry night, because this is my mist anticipated feature in the whole game. Did the same "mistake" as @Mazy CZ and set the driving aids to pro. And then I was standing without any engine sounds in the pit lane :-D took me somr time to figure out what is wrong, then my pedals were inverted (full throttle when I did not push the throttle) and no gearshifts possible. So after some more fideling around I finally got to go only to recognize that I only mapped the Flash Lights to my wheel :) but after that I was finally ready to go!
First 10-15min were just horrible for me, but mainly because of playing on the 23'' single screen again after half a year of VR. Had absolutely no sense of speed and found it really really difficult just to keep the car on track... But got used to it a little bit and could finally start to enjoy this game.
First of all, I love the sounds. For me they are absolutely perfect, the engine sounds, gearbox sounds, braking sounds, the air compressor after couple of shifts, the sounds you get when you go through gravel... Absolutely brilliant and I'm so hyped about VR with these sounds!
Handling was ok, felt realistic and believable to me, maybe even a tad to easy because the car was pretty safe for me even on the aggressive setup.
FFB was too heavy for my likings on my T300. Iirc these cars have power steering so I don't expect that you need that much effort to steer in real life. Because of the heaviness I had the feeling I was missing some details but overall good feeling of the car. Maybe it felt a little 'flat', as it was to me that Nürburgring seems to not have any bumps in the road. Need more testing but generally it feels quite good to me.
Visually I really liked what I saw. Headlights and everything do look amazing in the night, really can't wait to do league races at night and hopefully next year the complete 24h at Spa! When you cycled through the dashboards some were hardly readable because to bright.
The UI does not do the trick for me until now... I'm missing explanations to a lot of sliders and options, where I don't know by the name what this feature does. Overall the UI is a bit to plain for my tastings, the new look does not look that good for me, but nevermind it's just the UI.
@Mazy CZ I read that you can reduce the blur by switch to low Anti Aliasing instead of temporal. And somehow you can even disable Motion Blur completely, was also somewhere on the official forum.

Cheers guys,

Mazy CZ

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@exited ok, thanks for the tip. I didn't mess wit the graphics just yet but as you say, even going from triples to 24 single screen felt a bit wierd :D but got used to it when changing the camera position. I ran everything on epic but as I said, i don't really care about top notch reflections in race games. In AC, I had them on high but static.

Still, when AC1 was first in EA, I don't even remember how it was. I had xbox steering wheel plugged to my pc without ffb, drove in some cars (Alfas and Lotuses omg) and then didn't touched it until i got my g27 back then. I believe in ful release, everything will be polished