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May 31, 2016
After the idea I posted last thursday about a LMP1 league, I've received some feedback to make my ideas more realistic. Although I would love to see a multi car LMP1 league. It's near impossible to make them even kind of equal. Hence why I've chosen to only run the beautiful 2014 Audi R18.

The points system will stay untouched:
1: 25
2: 20
3: 18
4: 15
5: 12
6: 10
7: 9
8: 8
9: 7
10: 6
11: 5
12: 4
13: 3
14: 2
15: 1
Lower: No points

The calendar had some minor adjustments:

1) Silverstone - Rain
2) Circuit de Spa Francorchamps - Day
3) Le Mans - Night / Extra long race - double points
4) Nordschleife - Day
5) Road America - Day
6) Circuit of the Americas - Day
7) Hockenheimring - Day
8) Sebring - Day
9) Yas Marina - Night

- The calendar is adjusted to stick to the real WEC calendar as much as possible.
- The rain race has moved from Spa to Silverstone.

This are the races that differ from the real calendar, with a short explanation what track they replace and why.

- Road America instead of Mexico (unavailable in Forza)
- Hockenheim instead of Fuji (unavailable in Forza). Would love to use VIR instead, but for obvious reasons that can't happen.
- Sebring instead of Shanghai (unavailable in Forza)
- Yas Marina instead of Bahrain (unavailable in Forza)
- Nordschleife instead of the GP circuit.

Race day: friday or saturday.
Race length: approximately 1,5 hours long.

Just like last time: if you are interested, make sure to let me know in this thread. And don't hesitate to contact me if you've got some questions, ideas or advice.
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Sep 30, 2016
I would like to join this. When would it start and on what platform please?


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Mar 11, 2016
You're going to need alot more people for this, and prototypes you peaked my interest. I might join if these people will put in the time, but you might as well wait till Forza 7. The Forza 6 community aint that populated right now, but thats your choice cause I'm an idiot that only knows how to go fast.
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